Women in a car accident chest tear straight lung surgery with 100 pounds of disinfectant water

Women in a car accident chest tear straight lung surgery with 100 pounds of disinfectant water

Original title: female driver suffered a car accident, chest tear straight to see lung! A magical WeChat group saved her

The accident happened in June 2nd when a white car crashed into the guardrail of the the Fuchun River bridge, causing a rollover. The driver was jammed and her chest was pierced by a guardrail. After being rescued by fire officers and soldiers, the female driver was rescued and sent to the first people's Hospital of Hangzhou Fuyang district for treatment.

In June 11th, the pilot, Ms. Xu, contacted the media and said she wanted to thank Feng Kan, the Department of thoracic surgery chief physician who had operated on her. "I may not have been right without his correct decision."

What happened on earth?

"I didn't make a phone call. Somehow I made a sudden turn.

With the help of "WeChat", a world-renowned Department of thoracic surgery expert, "consultation" for her.

In the process of hesitation, Dr. Feng thought of the WeChat group with 500 minds from all over the country. He immediately sent the patient's illness to the group and listened to the opinions of different experts.

The expert opinion is divided into two schools: first, it is suggested to do a debridement and suture first, to see the recovery of the wound, and then to make the internal fixation in the operation. I hope that the incision is redesigned, and the lateral breast incision can be considered. Two is debridement suture and internal fixation.

At this time, Professor Tang Yiwen, the Taiwan Kaohsiung General Hospital of Rong min, is attending a seminar in the global Department of thoracic surgery in Australia. He put Ms. Xu's case to the large screen of the conference room. Many well-known experts from this field have consulted the case in this field.

After discussion by experts around the world, they suggest that debridement and internal fixation are performed at the same time. The reason is that the muscles of the chest wall are more, the blood supply is better, and the infection is not easy to cause. As long as appropriate antibiotics and drainage are given, it is believed that it can pass through the difficulties.

With 100 kg of disinfectant, the wound was successfully washed, and the operation was successful. Hui Fuliang, the wounded

Dr Feng measured repeatedly that debridement and suture were performed together with internal fixation. He immediately communicated with his family, detailed information about the possible situation, and got his family's consent.

During the operation, Dr Feng first checked with thoracoscopy and found that his lungs were all right, but a piece of plastic was found in his chest. "We are afraid that the wound of the patient is polluted. We use 100 Jin of disinfectant water to wash it." After the plate was fixed, he restored the muscles at the level of the anatomy, and placed 2 negative pressure drainage tubes in front of the chest wall, and placed 1 drainage tubes at the muscle and the subcutaneous.

After the operation, Dr. Feng sent the progress of surgery to "WeChat". When we saw that the patients were just transferred to the intensive care unit and their vital signs were stable, their colleagues in the group praised and applauded Dr. Feng.

According to Dr. Feng, Ms Xu has recovered well. Now there are 2 draining tubes in front of the chest wall. Every day there is a little fluid coming out. Until there was no fluid in the drainage tube, all the other examinations were normal. She basically recovered.

Dr. Feng said that this is the first time that the global Department of thoracic surgery experts have consulted their patients through the WeChat platform. The practice proved that the results were good. He hopes that there will be more opportunities in the future to provide better treatment for local patients in Fuyang.

Source: Fuyang daily

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