The office intends to reduce the sentence to 22 years: 34 houses with a yellow CD-ROM under the Buddha statues.

The office intends to reduce the sentence to 22 years: 34 houses with a yellow CD-ROM under the Buddha statues.

Original title: the "Buddha Department" official who sits on 34 sets of real estate will be commuted to 22 years.

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

Every day I chant Buddhist scriptures, and I have hundreds of yellow CDs under the Buddha statues, sitting on 34 sets of real estate, claiming to be "I can represent the government".

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) found that Wu Zhizhong, a former official in Inner Mongolia, had new news: he was recently proposed to be reduced to 22 years in prison for 5 crimes.

The public information shows that Wu Zhizhong, 67, has been working in the judicial system for a long time, and once served as vice president of the Inner Mongolia high academy. He was the Deputy Secretary General of the autonomous region and the director of the legal system before the horse. However, his legal literacy is not used in law-abiding usage.

In July 2013, Wu Zhizhong was opened. 5 months later, the court of first instance of the Hohhot intermediate people's court was sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition to corruption 10 million 260 thousand, bribery 5 million 450 thousand, misappropriation of public funds 34 million 200 thousand, he also has RMB 20 million 970 thousand yuan, 19757 Hong Kong dollars, 3474 euros, 130 thousand dollars, 865 Canadian dollars cannot explain the legitimate source, and conceals foreign deposits 1 million 770 thousand Canadian dollars, 510 thousand US dollars.

After the verdict of the first instance, Wu Zhizhong refused to accept the case and filed an appeal. He was dismissed by the Inner Mongolia High Court and upheld the original judgment.

For the details of Wu Zhi Zhong case, "half moon" and "China discipline inspection and supervision" have been thoroughly disclosed. According to the report, the cadre of the 33 year old cadre who has become a county magistrate has no party discipline and national law, but is extravagant, corrupt and corrupt.

For example, in the field of faith, he had to decorate a room in his residence as a Buddhist temple, to worship the shrines, Buddha statues, and so on, and to worship the Buddha every day. However, under the cabinet of offering Buddha statues, investigators found that Wu Zhi Zhong stored nearly 100 yellow obscene discs.

In addition to Buddhism, he was also keen on the study of yin and Yang eight diagrams, as if he regarded himself as a master of Yi studies and Feng Shui, often to help some business owners to participate in Zen Buddhism and to calculate the wind and water.

For example, in the aspect of work, Wu Zhizhong's domineering hegemony is famous in the Baotou intermediate people's court and the high court of the autonomous region. In order to help his wife loan a real estate development, he took the public money mortgage, and returned a raging speech: "I am the deputy secretary general, I can represent the government, I said even!" Even after he was sacked and tried, he threatened the investigators.

Economically, he is greedy and crazy: he owns 33 houses in the country and 1 in Canada. When the property was checked, only the door key was packed with a full bag.

In several storage rooms in Beijing and huhhi, the bundles of cash, gold bars, silver bars and jade are full. More than ten policemen take a month to finish. His wife, Yu Huilong, is also extravagant. Once a couple of them stayed in a high-end hotel in Beijing, and saw the handicraft shop with a favorite jewelry and a counter.

The procuratorial organs have been detained for freezing over 4000 yuan worth of Wu Zhizhong's personal property, and for his wages, it will take more than 300 years to earn the money.

"The beginning of extravagance is in danger." The warning of Wu Zhi Zhong's case is very deep: if Party members and leading cadres indulge in extravagant pleasures, they will inevitably go to the opposite side and destroy their own future.

In June 12th of this year, a case issued by the high court showed that the fourth prison in Hohhot put forward a proposal to reduce the penalty in April on Wu Zhizhong, on the grounds that "he was obedient to management, received education, actively cooperated with treatment, and received 5 commendation in the assessment period."

According to the prison side, Wu Zhizhong scored 59 points in his three course study report in 2015. Because of the disease, his thoughts fluctuate greatly, the ideological education activities are not active, they do not take part in labor, and they have not been able to reflect on themselves deeply, and the understanding of confession of repentance is not thorough. After educational reform, it is better to confess guilt and repentance.

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