"Green terror" shrouded in Taiwan's Taiwan office's rebuke: frenzy

Original title: "green terror" envelops Taiwan, the Taiwan Affairs Office rebuked: crazy

Source: Chang'an Avenue intellectual

Recently, the so-called "land common spy case" has made new progress.

According to the reports of Taiwan media in June 13th, the Taipei geological survey confirmed that Zhou Hongxu, a mainland student, "absorbs the new party members Wang Bingzhong and others in Taiwan development organization by means of funding", and will prosecute many people, such as Zhou Hongxu and Wang Bingzhong, on the grounds of the crime of developing the organization's so-called "state security law".

At the news conference of the Taiwan affairs office this morning, Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, responded with a very harsh wording.

I think such a kind of insanity will certainly be unanimously opposed and condemned by the compatriots on both sides of the Straits. Of course, it will not stop the common people from all walks of life to communicate and cooperate with each other and the historical trend of cross-strait exchanges.

This scene can not help but remember the scene of the tenth Straits forum a few days ago. Yu Muming, chairman of the new Party of Taiwan, said in his speech at the opening ceremony:

Last year, I joined several young people in our new party's new thinking Center (I note: Wang Bingzhong, Lin Mingzheng, Hou Hanting, Chen Sijun), but regretted that they had not been able to do this this year because of the obstruction of the Cai Yingwen authorities. I will come on behalf of them today.

A "representative" gives way to a little helplessness, but more is anger.


The names of these young people have come into the eyes of mainland readers, after last year's "1219" incident.

At that time, the new party has just concluded a one week visit to the mainland. As a spokesman for the new party, Wang Bingzhong was originally prepared to open a press conference to introduce the achievements of the trip, and he was arrested in the morning of December 19th. A lot of news headlines are like this: they just got caught on the news. The DPP is to give the new party to the people who are dealing with the mainland.

This is the so-called "national security law of the Taiwan". The charge given by the DPP authorities is "to provide emotional capital to the mainland", which basically amounts to the meaning of "communist". But what about the evidence? In the past six months, I have never seen any convincing evidence from the DPP that the crime of wanting to add to it is quite strong. Subpoena release, arrest and release... Relying on this unwarranted accusation, the DPP has repeatedly knives, making Shimachi Ichi time everyone is in danger.

"Green terror" envelops Taiwan, letting many Taiwan netizens angrily shout, "you and I may become the next Wang Bingzhong."

As we all know, the new party is the most firmly and brightest party supporting the "one country, two systems" and the peaceful reunification of the two sides. His motto is to be an upright Chinese. Perhaps it is not difficult to understand why the DPP keeps a close eye on the new party.

One is to eradicate dissidents, to purge the regime, and to "make a difference" with their political views.

The two example is to tell people that this is the result of our dealings with the mainland.

The three service elections, the "nine in one" election competition in Taiwan in 2018 is becoming increasingly hot, and the Democratic Progressive Party, which has a low public opinion support rate, needs to give a deep green stimulus to save the depressed polls.


It is necessary to see that since the DPP came to power, the "Communist mission" has become a recurring concept in its discourse system, giving people a sense of return to decades ago.

Last January, the Democratic Progressive Party authorities launched the so-called "draft insurance and defense law", trying to make the power of the security and defense organs very large, caused a great wave in the island, and eventually failed to succeed. Then in March, the Communist Party of China launched the anti osmosis law on the mainland, claiming that "espionage" penetrated Taiwan's army, enterprises and government departments, with a large number of people. They also proposed to amend the terms of the so-called "criminal law" and change the word "enemy" to "enemy" and implement the penalty for applying "common spy" behavior.

Such an exaggerated confrontation is nothing but a policy orientation based on "Taiwan independence". To some extent, the Cai Yingwen authorities were constantly making concepts on cross-Straits relations, reflecting the incompetence of their administration, because in the face of irreversible unity, she did not take the slightest "anti - system" move and could only "oppose and oppose".

Cai Yingwen said, "to maintain the status of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits", but her "maintenance" is to remove the "island", to seize the members of the new party; to restrict the visit to the mainland by the veterans; to move away from the mainland politically and economically, to pursue the New South, to find the market to the ASEAN; close to the United States and Japan, The hope lies in the distance between the United States and Japan and the farther away from the mainland.

And what about reality? Taiwanese people go to the mainland to study and business is becoming a trend, and a mobile payment makes everyone feel that "Taiwan has fallen behind".

The problem of living of the common people is not solved. Instead, we make articles on the political concepts such as "espionage".

During the Straits forum, in the face of media interviews, Yu Muming, the chairman of the new party, said that Cai Yingwen had to go with her, so we did not have to worry about it. Because this is a kind of life experience for these young people to speak. This kind of experience is extremely precious, and it can not be bought for much money.

This advice is not a reminder to the DPP authorities. When more and more young people become "common spy", should Cai Yingwen laugh or cry?

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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