Government funds transfusion chip industry: consumption in multiple links is useless.

Government funds transfusion chip industry: consumption in multiple links is useless.

Iron flow: the real use of domestic chips

Richard Stallman, the father of free software, has said on the Internet that one of the reasons he uses a computer that carries China's CPU is one of the reasons for the existence of a foreign company's CPU back door.

Through strict testing of some foreign CPU, the relevant domestic units confirmed the existence of "redundant" modules with unclear functions, and found that there were undisclosed instructions, including more than 20 items including decryption and floating point operations. Among them, there are three instructions in the user mode that can cause the machine to die or restart. The mechanism directly penetrates all kinds of software protection measures. The protection software can not be perceived. The system can be downtime by embedding one in the ordinary application.

If these chips are used in aerospace, equipment, party and government offices, they may cause serious consequences. The impact on transportation, electricity, finance, telecommunications, energy, medical and other national strategic industries can not be overlooked. Take the financial industry as an example: from the central bank to the workers and peasants to build four commercial banks, from the earliest construction of the core business platform and data center, its products use and maintain a large number of IOE equipment. After the "prism door" event, the "go to IOE" is becoming more and more strong. Some domestic banks have been gradually inclined to domestic manufacturers in some small hardware equipment procurement, but they still use foreign chips and do not pay attention to domestic chips in purchasing.

Therefore, we must replace the chip localization to the national security level, and we must use China core in the strategic industries related to national security.

In the process of catching up with the western developed countries, the domestic high-tech products often exist in the process of "high price and high quality". Commercial companies will give priority to purchasing better foreign chips for profit consideration. Therefore, in the early stage of development, it is difficult to rely on market forces to support the development of domestic chips. Now, with the improvement of the performance and quality of the domestic chip, the problem of energy consumption has been preliminarily solved. In order to solve the two key problems of mutual use and utility, we must make joint efforts by the government and industry.

Over the past twenty years, the government has introduced many policies, and the support for domestic chips is also very large. The main reason is that the utilization efficiency of the support method based on the policy bonus and the capital transfusion is relatively low, and many funds are often consumed in every link and are not really used on the blade. Moreover, this method is easy to develop the inertia and dependence of enterprises, and can not form self hematopoietic ability all the time. There are even many examples of enterprises directly stopping after the government weaned.

In view of this, academician Li Guojie put forward the view that "the development of independent chip industry needs application support". Specifically, the technological progress and development of chips need not only the development of engineers in laboratories, but also the need for large-scale use. Because many problems can not be found without large-scale promotion and application. Moreover, technological progress is gradual. It is to find problems first, then to correct problems, and finally to achieve spiral upgrading. Therefore, the main direction of the government is not to give domestic chip enterprises how much money subsidies, but to consider how to use domestic chips, to find problems in application and to correct problems.

For the government, we can promote the large-scale application of domestic chip through the introduction of preferential policies and the establishment of domestic chip pilot projects. For the first application of domestic chip, the application of domestic chip volume or the larger enterprises, it can give certain rewards or reduce a certain tax, such as the city / county as a unit, The domestic chip pilot was carried out to transfer some information systems of local key state-owned enterprises and local party and government departments to domestic chip platforms, and the domestic industry substitution of important industries in China was gradually completed in 10 years. Only in this way can China's chip industry grow vigorously, and China can form a comprehensive, more systematic underlying foundation for information security. (the author is a science and technology finance observer)

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