Jia Yueting wants salted fish to turn over: FF 91 has not yet been mass-produced and pushed FF 81 to play the concept.

Jia Yueting wants salted fish to turn over: FF 91 has not yet been mass-produced and pushed FF 81 to play the concept.

Jia Yueting wants to "salted fish turn over": FF 91 has not yet been mass-produced, and then push FF 81 "play concept"?

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When everyone is still puzzled by the FF 91 production time, there are media reports that Jia Yueting's Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as FF) founded in the United States (hereinafter referred to as FF) is to launch a FF 91 simplified version of the model - FF 81.

Is it Jia Yueting who relies on this simplified version of salted fish to turn over?

For the simple version of FF 81 for the Chinese market, FF officials did not deny the matter to the NBD car, just euphemistically, "we are focusing all our energies on the FF 91, and it is too early to talk about the follow-up model."

"Before the mass production vehicle comes out, everything is empty." Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Industry Association, said to NBD automobile that the most important thing is to build cars.

Is the new car a "game concept"?

From the first of the first model of mass production model FF 91 to participate in the Beijing auto show, to the FF 91 in April 29th to complete the customs clearance procedures to arrive in Beijing, around the FF91 measurement of production has not stopped.

In the early morning of June 8th, FF was officially announced by FF, the commercial builder of San Fernando, California, California, as the general contractor for the building of Hanford.

In this regard, the director of the music vision told the NBD car, the determination of the Hanford general contractor, means that FF is a step closer to the production time of the first product vehicle.

FalcoDiGiallonardo, vice president of Bernards, also said: "we will work together with FF to ensure that the factory can achieve mass production of FF 91 within the year."

In fact, before FF announced the Hanford factory general contractor, it had obtained a production and construction license from the government departments of Hanford, California, from the Hanford factory. Not only that, Hanford's large-scale recruitment of local production and technical support has also been fully activated.

But the first car has not been formally mass-produced, began planning second cars, FF's ability to build the car can undertake this fast-paced new car launch plan? The views of the industry are mostly "only the real mass production vehicle can have the right to speak".

"Car building is a highly systematic project with high degree of difficulty. It includes all aspects of capital, technology and management. The most urgent task of building new vehicles is to build cars and win consumers' recognition. Xu Haidong, Assistant Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, said to NBD car.

FF has no "simple edition"

In fact, Jia Yueting really wants to return to FF by mass production. Earlier, a person close to FF told the NBD car: "by the end of 2020, FF plans to achieve two R & D and production of new cars in China."

And in May this year, when FF was founded 4th anniversary, Jia Yueting's internal letter to its employees revealed that FF was going to land in China and that China's FF headquarters would be in Guangzhou.

In April 8th, FF related company Rui Chi intelligent automobile (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. took 364 million 100 thousand yuan to take about 601 mu of manufacturing land in Nansha District, Guangzhou, with two types of industrial land used for 50 years.

According to the announcement that the land resources and Planning Bureau of the Nansha Development Zone of Guangzhou, Rui Chi motor must introduce a pure electric vehicle assembly project with the level of research and development of the first class pure electric vehicle within a month of the bidding land, and need "construction and construction within 1 months from the day of the transfer of land, and built within 24 months." It is put into production.

Jia Yueting also made clear in his internal letter, "FF Nansha factory in Guangzhou, China will start construction as scheduled."

According to media reports, the factory in Nansha is surrounded by fences, and some of the vehicles stationed in the works and construction shed have been put in place. Some people in the industry believe that the construction of Nansha factory on schedule is the symbol of Jia Yue Ting's return to FF.

The people who participated in the model design also revealed that the technical design of the FF 81 model will be completed by the United States team, and the follow-up development test, production and market sales are all carried out in the Chinese market.

The director of music vision related to the NBD auto interview only said: "FF is the dual main battlefield strategy of China and the United States, and any model can be produced in both China and the United States."

Not only that, according to media reports, the people who participated in the design of the model also disclosed that, unlike the FF 91 market positioning, FF 81 was made in China as a Chinese public consumer, with a price of only 1/2 or 1/3 of FF 91. "The main difference between the two cars is that FF 91 is a luxury version, while FF 81 is a simplified version."

For the FF 81 new car made in China, FF has not given a clear answer. But FF responsible person told NBD car: "our car has never been described as a simplified version."

Jia Yueting is afraid to return home in a short period of time

In the view of Cui Dongshu, the Secretary General of the national passenger car market information association, the first premise is to be accepted by the domestic market whether or not the FF is to launch a brand new vehicle at home. "Jia Yueting's previous" Lai Lai "image will directly affect FF's reputation in the domestic market.

A few days ago, Jia Yueting appeared on the list of discreditable personnel in China for the tenth time. In June 1st, the list of 169 serious discreditable people was publicized by China's credit website, of which 31 were provided by the SFC, and Jia Yue ting and his sister Jia Yuefang were among them.

It is understood that Jia Yueting failed to fulfill the "public commitment" overdue. It was aimed at the Beijing securities regulatory bureau last December 25th, issued by the securities regulatory bureau on the responsibility of Jia Yueting to return to return to return, the actual performance of the company's actual controller should do their duty, in coordination with the company problem, safe disposal of the public. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

But since last July, after Jia Yueting's resignation to the United States, he has been in Hongkong and the United States to discuss financing. It has not come back and has not fulfilled its promise.

"Before paying off the debt, Jia Yue Ting could hardly return home in a short time. The main worry is that they will not be able to get out after they return. An insider close to FF said.

In response, FF responsible person responded, "at present, Jia Yueting put all of his energy in the mass production and delivery of FF 91."

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