Maldives decided to send away the "gift" helicopter or receive new equipment.

Maldives decided to send away the

]6 13, 13, the British Jane's Defence Weekly reported that the source of the news of India confirmed that the Maldives government had asked India to withdraw two previous "donations" to Maldives's search and rescue helicopters by the end of June. The Maldives times, the country's newspaper, published an article in April this year that the two helicopters had never been "given" to Maldives, but were operated by soldiers sent by India in accordance with the agreement of the two countries.

ALH helicopters coated with the Maldives defense forces (MNDF) logo.

The India government has refused to extend the exchange agreement between the two countries in the early years, according to the India government sources, "the government of the government of the Maldives government said, according to the regulations, 2 India helicopters were sent to Maldives, with India Navy and India Coast Guard drivers to operate the maritime search." The task of investigation, recharge and rescue.

Of the two helicopters, one of them will expire in May of this year and the other will expire in June 30th.

President Abdullah Armin of Maldives not only refused to renew India pilots' visas, but also refused to sign 10-12 India technicians responsible for the maintenance of ALH helicopters. India previously said the two ALH helicopters were donated to the Maldives defense forces.

Photo taken by pilots and ground crew in India and Maldives, with ALH helicopters on the right.

The two helicopters were "presented" to Maldives In 2010-2011 years. This is also the only two helicopters of the Maldives defense forces flying team.

And according to the article published in the Maldives newspaper's Maldives times in April this year, the Maldives government had made it clear that it would refuse to continue to extend the relevant agreements with India. At that time, there were reports that helicopters had been "given" to the troops of Mali, so they might be transferred to the special flying team of Maldives.

But later, the Maldives government issued a statement saying the two helicopters were never "given" to Maldives and will return two helicopters to India after the agreement expires.

Previously, China provided 12 straight -9 multipurpose helicopters to Kampuchea.

Observer network military commentator said that after the changes in Maldives, India has greatly weakened its influence on the country, and the Maldives defense army itself is very small, the only equipment that is currently the only "special flight team" equivalent to the "air force", the 2 India LAH helicopters. After the two helicopters, we can estimate that the country may have a new type of equipment that is provided by a friendly country, much better than a India helicopter.

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