China's first blue army came out of Zhu RI and the exercise began at the beginning.

China's first blue army came out of Zhu RI and the exercise began at the beginning.

"China's first blue army" artillery battalion is organizing live ammunition exercises in strange territory.

Stepping out of the "base camp" to sharpen the "grindstone"

Wang Guohong, special correspondent Zhang Kunping reported: "the ruler is * *, the direction to the left * *, one continuous salvo!" "Prepare, put it!" With the release of the command password, a projectile like a sword is sheathed to the enemy's target area. In late May, a live firing drill with tactical background took place in a place in North China. The actual missile rehearsal was a synthetic brigade and gun battalion of the eighty-first group army. After the adjustment of the army system, it was the first time to go out of the "base camp" and focus on the actual combat capability of the army's new equipment.

Since the formation of the brigade in 2011, the brigade has carried out 33 actual combat exercises in the status of the blue army as a strong opponent to participate in the red force, and is known as "the first blue army of China". Since last year, with the deepening of the "neck of the neck" reform, the brigade Party committee after the adaptation proposed that the brigade should "walk on two legs", not only to be a good battlefield "grindstone", but also to win the "sharp sword brigade". Artillery battalion cross base live ammunition drill is the first gun after the transformation of the brigade. Whether the gun can start, the battalion commander Wang Bo is under great pressure.

Facing the difficult test of remote maneuver and unfamiliar territory environment, the camp put the situation in a difficult situation and set the situation true. We should strive to improve the coordination level of each group, and pay great attention to the training of observation, measurement, calculation, all the setting and collimation of the collimation hand.

At the beginning of the exercise, the battalion encountered a "threat", and the target area gully and forest were more, which had a great impact on the capture and correction of burst points. Wang Bo immediately organized multiple groups to capture targets at the same time. Immediately after that, the battalion moved its position to receive its superiors' attack on the frontline unit. At a critical juncture, each company speeds up its transfer speed, and divides its head into the position, and completes the fire strike task on time.

With the completion of live ammunition, the battalion accuracy rate of the battalion single shot is 80%, and the result of test firing is even better than that of previous years.

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