China is exposed to the first six generation of the world? Foreign media: collocation with the j 20

China is exposed to the first six generation of the world? Foreign media: collocation with the j 20

Original title: China exposing the world's first generation of six generation aircraft? Foreign media: collocation with the j 20

[global network military June 14th Global Times special reporter Tu De Yang] the Belgian "air defense" website, and other foreign media 12, said China's recently open "dark sword" stealth fighter, may become the world's first sixth generation of fighters, and thus constitute an asymmetric weapon against the strong enemy in China.

On the 12 day of the American aviation international news website, the photos circulated on the Internet show the original or equal scale model of China's latest open "dark sword" UAVs. Compared to the first appearance of the concept machine in 2006, the two are very similar. They also use streamlined fuselage, large delta wing, tilted double tail and single engine, and retain the original "supersonic, super maneuverable, low observable platform" publicity design features, and use a more advanced DSI intake design scheme with the fighter -10C fighter. The airway is very similar. It is reported that the outline design of the "dark sword" is very similar to the Chinese active stealth fighter -20, the performance index may be equivalent to the Chinese fifth generation fighter, the take-off weight is about 15 tons, the payload is 1 tons, and the operational radius is about 1000 kilometers. If used for air to air combat, the "dark sword" will have an overload resistance of more than 9G, and may pose a performance advantage to the Western manned fighter.

The Belgian airspace defense website reported that the "dark sword" unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) had a milestone in the global aviation industry, marking the first sixth generation of aircraft. At present, the air force in all countries is in the service of the fourth generation and the fifth generation of aircraft, the pilot must wear special inflatable clothing, oxygen mask, and through the extreme physical training, even so still should consider the physical indicators of the pilot, endurance, and other physiological indicators. Although the UAV is vulnerable to soft jamming such as electronic warfare and cyber warfare, its maneuverability is incomparable to that of manned aircraft.

Reported that the emergence of the "stealth sword" stealth unmanned combat aircraft is a sign that China is rapidly transferring advanced technology for -20 to unmanned combat platforms. In the past, Chinese fighters were often considered to be the reverse engineering design and technological clone of Western warplanes. However, the model and modification of the UAV developed by Chinese research and development today have been far more than the West. Foreign media forecast, the future "dark sword" may carry China's most advanced air to air missiles, with hypersonic flying capability, a deadly threat to the "hostile weapon platform" in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and enhance China's "regional refusal" ability in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. In addition, the "sword" can also cooperate with -20 in the fight against AI with AI technology, and take -20 as the core to direct the "secret sword" to implement intelligent cluster operations. Justin Blonk, an expert on the Royal Joint Services Institute of the British think-tank, said the design of the "dark sword" was not so complex as it could at least attract American warplanes. Although the standard of the sixth generation fighter is not yet clear, the "dark sword" further enriches the performance characteristics of the new generation of aircraft, which means that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is cheap, consumable and intelligent cluster control, may be one of the design schemes of the six generation fighter.

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