Police rescued a man jumping off the sea to make a bowl of instant noodles to tell the amazing secret.

Police rescued a man jumping off the sea to make a bowl of instant noodles to tell the amazing secret.

Original title: police rescued a man jumping on the sea, a bowl of instant noodles let it tell the amazing secret.

On the morning of June 6th, a man fell in the sea near the sea crossing bridge in Lianyun District, Lianyungang. In the emergency, the police station of the Banqiao frontier police station went to the scene for the first time, and the local fishermen will be rescued in time. Unexpectedly, when checking the identity of the police, the police discovered that it was an online fugitive.

At 10 a.m. on the same day, Jiangsu Lian Yun branch office of the border police station of Banqiao border police answered the police and said that the river crossing bridge of Lian Yun district was more than 200 meters from the south of the shore, and some people were in urgent need of rescue in the sea. After receiving the police, the Banqiao border guards immediately rushed to the scene and called the 119 for the rescue force at the first time on the way to the police. After arriving at the scene, the police observed that there was a black figure in the sea near the shore. Time is urgent! When it was too late to wait for the rescue force, the leader of the site decided to go to the sea to save the people, so he immediately borrowed a yacht from the surrounding fishermen and caught the fisherman in a yacht to the falling place.

After arriving at the falling water, it was found that the man was on the verge of death. The police immediately joined the fishermen with the drowning man to the fast boat, and the rescue measures were taken in time. After going ashore, the policeman found the man's face pale, trance and weakness. Then he took it to the shore to rest, and asked the man the reason for falling water, but the man had been talking and haw and refused to answer the question. The situation immediately aroused the police vigilance and decided to bring the falling man back to send it back. A further understanding is made.

After arriving at the police station, the police bought the instant noodles and mineral water for him, while appeasing his emotions and asking him why he fell into the water. After eating the food, the man said to his policeman who was concerned about him: "thank you for saving me. Maybe this is fate. I am actually an online fugitive." At this time, the scene of the police are very surprised, I did not expect the rescue of the people is actually an online fugitive! Subsequently, the man volunteered to provide his real name and identity card number.

As a result, the man named Kim, 37, Jilin, was suspected of fraud by the Shenzhen public security organs on suspicion of fraud on the Internet. Since 2016, many people have cheated more than 1000 million yuan by fictitious business for lack of funds, and then fled to Hebei and Shandong, and fled to Lianyun in Lianyungang. The thought, then prepared to jump to sea to commit suicide, but unexpectedly jumped into the sea and then had a desire to survive, then desperately called for help, and then staged a scene of laughter.

At present, the suspect Kim has been detained according to law, and the relevant transfer procedures are being further processed.

Reporter Zhang Lingfei communications clerk in loyalty Lake

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