The real estate agency sells more than 300 residential tenants online for each dime.

The real estate agency sells more than 300 residential tenants online for each dime.

Original title: personal information is trafficked layer by layer easily lead to fraud and other downstream crime.

Legal network reporter Pan Congwu Liu Tao correspondent

"I have the personal information of the residents of more than 300 communities in Urumqi, who need to contact me at any time, if a large amount of purchase, the price can be favorable." 19 year old Ma Fei (a pseudonym) released an advertisement on WeChat. He took the personal information of the residents of more than 300 communities in Urumqi, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which he had mastered before, and sold 60 thousand items on the network at a price of one corner of each corner, making a profit of 5000 yuan.

"We have a man selling personal information online." Recently, the Urumqi Municipal Public Security Bureau high tech Zone (new urban district) sub Bureau Tianjin Road police station received the alarm of a unit responsible person in the area.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation and quickly locked the whereabouts of the man. Subsequently, the police arrested the man in a private house near Lei Yu Shan Road in URI, and seized his computer on the spot. Subsequently, the police found the owners list and information of more than 300 residential quarters in Urumqi.

"The information stored is very detailed, including the names of citizens, identity cards, telephone numbers, home addresses, family members, etc." The police said the case.

After interrogation, the man explained that a few years ago, he worked from Yining to Urumqi. He had been doing sales work in a large real estate company and mastered the personal information of a large number of owners. At the end of March this year, he lost his source of income after resigning from the company, and his life was in a predicament. In order to earn money, he began to sell personal information advertisements on WeChat, and many people bought him information.

"The suspect sells the citizen's personal information to others at the price of each dime, and sells more than 6 pieces in 20 times a month." The police said that most of the citizens' personal information is real estate agents, small loans, decoration, insurance, marketing and other industries or individuals.

Among them, a buyer named Meng Jun (a pseudonym) runs an early education training center in Urumqi. In March 31st, when Meng saw WeChat's advertisement on WeChat, he contacted each other and bought some household information in some residential areas near the Hualing market in Urumqi.

"I spent 200 yuan on more than 2000 information, trying to make five or six calls, trying to sell our early education service, and I didn't expect a phone to get through. Later, I learned that the information I bought was a long time ago, and many of the information was changed. But this is not glorious. I can only spend money on lessons. Meng Jun said.

The police said that many buyers packed the information and then split the information for two sales, which triggered a large number of telecommunications network fraud and other downstream crimes, and many victims will trust each other when they hear the other's information accurately, so that the fraud will succeed. "In order to prevent and reduce the incidence of telecom network fraud and protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, we must crack down on the crime of trafficking in personal information of citizens from the source." The police said.

Police remind that personal information is a citizen's personal privacy and must not be infringed without permission. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, citizens' personal information is easy to be leaked or even infringed. We must pay attention to confidentiality and guard against being exploited by lawless elements.

At present, Ma Fei has been detained by the public security organs according to law for the purpose of violating the personal information of citizens.

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