Jiao Yulu's granddaughter was selected to be stationed in the PLA's garrison troops.

Jiao Yulu's granddaughter was selected to be stationed in the PLA's garrison troops.

According to the liberation army newspaper reported in June 14th, in the early summer, in May, the "Pearl of the East" Hongkong, the beautiful Vitoria harbour waves undulating, "the city of kinetic" "shopping paradise" of the beauty of the eye.

The new Wai camp, a synthetic brigade auditorium in Hongkong, is packed with applause, and a red reader is on the way.

"Grandpa always tells his family that he is just an ordinary Party member and can not be specialized." On the podium, the brigade's female honor guard platoon leader, Jiao Yulu's granddaughter Jiao Li, tells the grandfather's profound teachings for the officers and men affectionate.

Brigade leader told reporters that at the end of last year, Jiao Li was selected and stationed in the Hongkong army. Stepping on this prosperous land, facing the special environment of "one country, two systems" and the impact of multiple thoughts and cultures, Jiao Li once asked himself how to be a communist like a grandfather. In May 14th, on the 54th anniversary day of Jiao Yulu's death, Jiao Li, who was on holiday, went back to Jiao Yulu's memorial hall and his former residence to find the answer.

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"It's like a conversation with Grandpa." Jiao Yulu wore the party emblem and used notebook. One thing, one picture, a little bit straightened the question mark in Jiao Li's heart.

"The more complicated the environment is, the more we need to temper party spirit." At the end of the holiday, Jiao Li went on the stage actively, and told his comrades about his spiritual calcium from his grandfather, the course of strengthening his ideal and faith, and made the officers and men deeply shocked.

The leader of the Hongkong army told reporters that every officer and soldier who embarked on this prosperous land in Hongkong would have such a question mark at the beginning of his arrival. But after the melting of the melting pot of the Hongkong army, every officer and officer can make the "fragrant wind" blow, and the sugar bomb can not be defeated.

"There is a soul in the heart, and there is a root at the foot." Cai Yongzhong, the political commissar in Hongkong, told reporters that in the course of carrying out the theme of "inheriting the red gene and taking on the heavy duty of the strong army", facing the special environment, the Party committee of the garrison took the ideological and political foundation of the officers and soldiers as the primary task, and armed officers and soldiers with the thought of the strong army of Xi Jinping, using the red gene to cultivate officers and soldiers, and the use of advanced technology. Cultural conservation officers and soldiers, efforts to fight the ideological field to fight active battles, constantly refining the officers and soldiers, to ensure that the army is absolute loyalty, absolute purity, absolute reliability.

The "Dadu River company" stationed in Hongkong is adjacent to Hongkong's famous rich Bay. Reporters interviewed a company and heard a story. Xu Ben, a new soldier, was envious of the luxury cars outside the camp, the luxury cars of Sichuan stream. For some time, he was unable to lift his mind in his study and training.

"Entering the door of our hero's company is like a hero!" Li Xiaolong, the team instructor, discovered Xu's change, brought him to the honor room of the company, and told him about the moving stories of the seventeen warriors in the Dadu River. The story of the team officers and men, inspired by the spirit of the seventeen warriors, was actively engaged in the practice of the strong army. Li Xiaolong patted Xu's shoulder and said with great earnestness, "who you are a year ago, who you are yesterday is not important. What matters is who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. A string of stories, a reason, let Xu re find the direction of efforts. After that, Xu's enthusiasm for learning and training was high. Not long ago, he not only ranked the top in the theoretical assessment of the camp, but also broke the record in the team's rifle shooting assessment, and was named as the "training star" of the month.

The tree is thousands of feet high and the water is active. By inheriting the red gene, the ideals and beliefs of officers and men will become stronger and stronger, and the fighting spirit will become stronger and stronger, and they will be able to withstand all kinds of difficult tests.

Reporters learned that in the thematic education, the troops stationed in Hongkong took a series of measures to make the red gene glow with the glory of the times. The 24 "soul of the strong army" series of fine courses and 13 "high spirit flag" traditional education films have become the "catalyst" to stimulate the enthusiasm of the army and soldiers to devote themselves to the strong army.

At the beginning of May, in a training contest for snipers in a brigade organization, Tang Qi, a warrior from the "Huang Ling Gong Gong Lian Lian", won the title. Before the start of the training competition, many people thought that the young man who returned to Hongkong with the same age and had never received sniper training could not get a good place.

On the Loess Plateau, the company killed Abe Kihide, a Japanese Vice Admiral of the invaders, by virtue of several mortar weapons. Now, as a successor to the heroic company, we can't lose the spirit of "a hundred wars and a great enemy." It was found that Tang Wei had some lack of confidence, and instructor Wang Qun patiently enlightened him.

"Must fight for a breath!" After the start of the training, the riveting of the strength of the Tang Dynasty reputation, each time the gun is calculated by the hour unit, every day from the distance measurement, the correction of the wind to the aim and shoot hundreds of times.

Walking down the court, Tang told the reporters confidently: "in the future, I will work harder and become a well deserved" soldier in Hong Kong ".

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