Trump said G7 still needs Russia: if Putin can help him directly,

Trump said G7 still needs Russia: if Putin can help him directly,

Overseas network, June 14, before heading to Canada to join the G7 summit, President Trump strongly appealed to the return of Russia to the group of seven countries, causing a lot of attention. In an interview with the American media, Trump mentioned the return of Russia to G7, and said he could use the opportunity to communicate with Russia and ask Putin to help do something good for the parties.

"You know, we (at the G7 Summit) spent nearly 1/4 of the time talking about Russia," Trump said in an interview with the Fawkes press, according to the US "Capitol Hill" 13. I also said to myself, "wouldn't it be better if they were here?"

"I am not for Russia, but for the United States." Trump continued to explain that he also gave an example that if Putin was sitting next to himself instead of others, he could make Putin "help", like letting Russia leave Syria, and so on. "If he (Putin) at that meeting, I could ask him to do something beneficial to the world. It is good for our country and good for him too. " Trump said.

When Crimea was merged into Russia in 2014, the G8 then drove Russia out. After Trump's support for Russia to rejoin the organization, the new Prime Minister of Italy, Conti, has also said that the return of Russia to G7 will "be in the interests of everyone".

In this regard, Putin did not directly refuse, but said that "Russia did not choose to leave G7, hoping to see you in Moscow". However, in response to the latest criticism of Russia at the G7 summit, Putin also retaliate, saying that G7 "should stop all beyond the conventional nonsense and turn to specific issues related to real cooperation."

In addition, the Russian president also believes that the SCO has outperformed G7 in some respects. Russian President Per Skov, the Russian President's news secretary, also returned to the G7 summit earlier in Russia. In Russia, the realistic meaning of the G8 model is declining year by year, the international political and economic situation has changed, and Russia is actively participating in a model such as G20, which is obviously in the rise period.

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