Veteran executives of American boots were sentenced to manufacture in China and counterfeit in the US.

Veteran executives of American boots were sentenced to manufacture in China and counterfeit in the US.

The "made in China" was forged as "made in the United States", and 5 executives of American military boots manufacturer Wellco were sentenced to 6 years to six months of probation for a period of six months, according to the US media.

A screenshot of the Jens Porter times report

According to the Jens Porter times in Tennessee, US, the Wellco, which was established in 1941, is the United States' old military boot manufacturer. The product was once the "marking" of the US military battlefield. It has been supplied to the US Defense Department for more than sixty years. US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf used Wellco boots as standard equipment in the Gulf War "desert storm action". From 2006 to 2012, Wellco provided US Defense Department with $138 million worth of military boots.

The US Air Force wears Wellco army boots.

The five defendants were arrested in September 2016 and prosecuted for telecommunications fraud and smuggling, the report said. The prosecutor accused 5 defendants of importing military boots from China and other countries, and then lied to the US government and the public about "made in the United States".

According to court records, in the past four years from December 2008 to August 2012, 5 defendants sold us $8 million counterfeit "made in the United States" military boots to the US Army.

In order to actively sell to the US government and comply with some of the domestic priority laws of the United States, they sell in the name of "made in America", but shoes and insoles are made in China, the only one in the Native American factory is the last viscose process.

In the course of the operation, they were asked to require Chinese factories to label the shoes with American stars and stripes and to write a "USA" label, but not the actual country of origin.

After two batched "American made" boots were buckled by the customs, the executives let the Chinese factories sew up "made in China" on their boots and let American workers tear off and then sell them to the outside world.

According to the United States today, these fake "American made" military boots are generally imported from China, and a small number of them are imported from Peru or Dominica.

Wellco military boots sold on YAHOO

Last week, one of the senior executives was sentenced to six months' probation, this Monday (11), and four executives were sentenced to six months to five years of probation, and the former CEO and Vincent Ferguson, the father of three of them, will be sentenced later this year.

According to the Jens Porter times, in May 2007, two investment companies bought Wellco for $22 million, becoming a subsidiary of Tactical Holdings Operations.

Two years later, the company opened an area of 100 thousand square feet in Maurice, New Jersey, and moved its headquarters from Waynesville, North Carolina, to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Vincent Ferguson, 66, was president of Wellco, CEO and director from March 2006 to November 2012, and became chief executive of Tactical Holdings Operations after the acquisition and promised to "make the best effort to drive the factory turnover".

In July 2014, Wellco filed a bankruptcy petition. A month later, most of the company's assets were acquired by Original Footwear Holdings.

The report said the indictment was the result of a survey by the United States Department of homeland security, the national defense criminal investigation office, the air force special investigation office, the general attorney general's office and the National Defense Contract Audit Office.

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