Yemen husai armed claims to sink a UAE frigate with a missile.

Yemen husai armed claims to sink a UAE frigate with a missile.

In June 13th, the armed forces of Yemen and the United Arab Emirates had not responded by the announcement that the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates were sunk in the early hours of the day in June 13th. At present, the Hussein's armed forces are still in the southern part of the strategic port, Hodeidah port, and the Yemen government army, supported by the Saudi allied forces, and the site of the sinking ship is in the waters of the Hong Hai and tahda port.

According to the Russian satellite news network reported on June 14th, Hu Sai armed official television announced the use of missiles to hit a United Arab Emirate in the waters of Hong Hai - TAH Taida port. Then the TV station released news that the hit ships had sunk in Hodeidah waters, and the United Arab Emirates rescued a number of crew from a helicopter. . However, the husai armed forces did not send out video or photo evidence, and the UAE has not yet responded.

Data map: husai armed with a large number of Chinese origin Iran anti ship missile source: Social Media

In 2016, Hu Sai armed forces hit the HSV-2 fast transport ship from the UAE high speed carrier in 2016, and in January 2017, the hussai armed the Saudis with an unmanned attack ship.

Husai armed with an unmanned attack boat hits Saudi escort ship

The missile attack may be related to the Saudi coalition's amphibious attack on Hodeidah port. On Wednesday (13), an official of the Khu armed forces said in an interview with the pro - Iran Al-Mayadeen television that the Saudi armed forces were trying to make a two landing at the port of Hodeidah in Hu race, he said. The rocket artillery regiment directly attacked the port.

On Tuesday, with the end of the cease-fire agreement, the Yemen government forces launched an all-out attack with the support of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia to seize the port of Hodeidah. Hodeidah is an important channel for the connection between the armed forces and the outside world. It is the only way the international community provides humanitarian assistance to the armed control area of the Hu Hu. The armed forces of the hussae need to have a continuous supply of weapons from the Iran from the port. Once the port is lost, the hussai will be completely passive because hussai will lose the supply of weapons, and a serious food crisis will erupt in the armed control area of Hu Sai.

The Saudi foreign ministry said on tweet that the attack on the port of Hodeidah was aimed at liberating the people of Yemen, because the people of Yemen were suffering from the plundering of the Hu Sai armed forces supported by Iran. But Hu has accused Saudi Arabia of attacking cargo ships transporting humanitarian aid to Yemen.

The goal of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of foreign affairs is to maintain international trade, liberate the people of Hodeidah port, prevent Iran from smuggling weapons, and reduce the illegal revenue of trade vessels.

At the moment, the two sides are still fighting at the Hodeidah port, and the war is very strong. The Ministry of defense of Yemen said that in the past week, with the support of the Saudi - led multinational coalition, the Yemen government army and the huckie armed forces in the southern part of Hodeidah Province, on the western coast of Yemen, had a fierce firefight and killed at least 250 Hu Saiwu. Loading personnel. But at present, the war situation is very tight, and the Yemen government forces have limited in the past few days. However, under the support of the Saudi Air Force, the Yemen government forces made some progress and broke through the defense line of husai.

At present, the two sides launch a fierce battle outside Hodeidah port about 30 kilometers: social media.

In September 2014, Yemen's armed forces seized the capital Sanaa and later occupied southern Yemen, forcing President Hardy to take refuge in Saudi Arabia. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries launched a military code named "decisive storm" against Hu's armed forces.

Yemen government forces marching to the southern part of Hodeidah

Saudi Air Force air raid on hussae armed vehicles

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