Prime Minister Macedonia wants to change his name to Greece.

Prime Minister Macedonia wants to change his name to Greece.

Overseas network, June 14, the Prime Minister of Macedonia reached an historic agreement with the Prime Minister of Greece in June 12th. Macedonia will be renamed the Republic of northern Macedonian, in exchange for Greece to support international organizations such as EU and NATO. On the 13 day, President Ivanov of Macedonia said he would not agree to this agreement.

Greece has long opposed its northern neighbour to call itself the Republic of Macedonia, because the northern part of Greece has the same name in Macedonian Province, and the name of the northern Macedonian state implies that the northern province is Macedonian territory. In addition, Greece considered Macedonia to be part of its historical and cultural heritage. It was the core area of the Alexander Empire and was not embezzled by the Republic of Macedonia. The two countries have been in dispute for many years, and Greece has even prevented Macedonia from joining the European Union and NATO.

According to the Macedonian independent network, President Macedonia held a press conference in the capital on 13 days. "I am the ultimate winner. I will not yield to any pressure, blackmail and threat." I will not sign or support this agreement which is harmful to the national dignity. "

The president of Macedonia supported the Macedonian nationalist opposition party, the Macedonian internal revolutionary organization Macedonian National Unity Party. In accordance with the Macedonian constitution, the president has veto power over the agreement. At the same time, the agreement needs 2/3 of the Congressional agreement to take effect. No Macedonian National Solidarity support is hard to pass in Congress.

There are also opposition voices in Greece. The Greek prime minister is likely to be raised with no confidence in signing the agreement.

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