Russia's military spending will increase by 100 billion rubles this year.

Russia's military spending will increase by 100 billion rubles this year.

The Russian State Duma, on June 14th, reported that the Russian State Duma passed the 2018 federal budget amendment, which stipulates the reduction of pension expenses and the increase in investment in the production of weapons, the Russian State Duma, reported on June 14th, reported in June 7th. Russia is unaware of a new round of arms race. This year's defense spending will increase by 100 billion rubles (about 10 billion 300 million yuan).

The new budget amendment takes into account the significant increase in oil and gas revenues - 1 trillion and 760 billion ruble, which will cost 61 billion 600 million of the ruble, and the rest for the purchase of foreign exchange reserves.

The amendment also provides a reduction of 50 billion rubles to pension funds, and the pension fund's hole will increase by 0.6 times (up to 265 billion 500 million rubles), and the rest of the money that is levied last year will have to be used to fill the pension fund.

In view of the increase in budgetary revenues, the non-public part of the budget will also change. The first vice president of the Russian State Duma economic policy committee, Vladimir Gutenev, told TASS that "the funds for the development of weapons and equipment in the budget non - public part will increase by 97 billion 400 million rubles".

Considering the renewal of the Russian Security Agency, the Ministry of the interior, the Russian national guards and the foreign intelligence agency, the national arms plan will cost 22 trillion ruble in the next 10 years.

Russian President Putin said in his "direct connection" on the 7 day that there was no overdue risk in the arms plan.

In 2020, the plan began to supply the Sarah Matt strategic missile system to the army. (compiling / rian)

Data map: Russian Soviet -27SM3 fleet in Crimea over the R-27 medium range air-to-air missile drill.

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