Jane's: China's R & D 41 missile has exceeded 30 years. Next, we will study giant wave 3.

Jane's: China's R & D 41 missile has exceeded 30 years. Next, we will study giant wave 3.

Photo: photos of the so-called "Dongfeng -41" intercontinental missile published in Western media.

China's "Dongfeng" -41 intercontinental ballistic missile is close to service after the latest launch of the Jane's Defence Weekly website in June 12th. According to a report by the Washington lighthouse site, China's Dongfeng -41 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has been tested tenth times in May 27th.

The report, citing anonymous U. S. defense officials, said the missile was launched from the Taiyuan satellite launch center in northern China's Shanxi province and flew thousands of kilometers west to hit the target of the Gobi desert range.

According to the data of the Journal of Jane's strategic weapons, the "Dongfeng" -41 (CSS-X-20) missile is a three level solid fuel intercontinental missile with a maximum range of 12 thousand to 15 thousand kilometers, with a payload of about 2500 kilograms, which may carry up to 10 multiple warhead reentry vehicles (MIRV) and a nuclear warhead equivalent of 150 kiloton TNT. The payload may also include bait warhead and counter measures.

Reported that the development of "Dongfeng" -41 may have been launched in 1986, but it was not tested until July 2012. After the launch of the test in late 2017, Chinese media reported that "Dongfeng" -41 could serve in the first half of 2018.

An article quoted by a Chinese military expert recently said that if the test report was true, "Dongfeng" -41 should be "close to the state of service".

The article claims that "Dongfeng" -41 is not only the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile in China, but also one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world.

Reported that the "Dongfeng" -41 mainly adopts highway mobile mode, the use of wheeled launch vehicles, but may also be deployed through the railway.

It is reported that the PLA is equipped with a considerable number of ballistic missiles, but only a small portion of the intercontinental ballistic missiles, and the rest of the missiles are likely to deal with the potential conflicts caused by the Taiwan problem.

The report says that at present, China has two main models of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of covering most of the US mainland, as well as Europe and Asia. They are "Dongfeng" -5 (CSS-4) using liquid fuel and "Dongfeng" -31 (CSS-10) using solid fuel.

According to the July 2017 report by the National Aeronautics and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), the range of "Dongfeng" -5B (CSS-4 Mod 3) and "Dongfeng" -31A (CSS-10 Mod 2) have a range of more than 11 thousand kilometers. It is estimated that China has 35 such missiles.

Reported that the "Dongfeng" -5 missile launch well is likely to become a target in the nuclear conflict. As a liquid fuel missile, it needs longer reaction time before launching. However, according to NASIC's report, "Dongfeng" -5B is China's first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying MIRV.

It is reported that the "Dongfeng" -31 is a motor-driven missile, which is difficult to aim at, but in the case of solid fuel, it can be ready to launch quickly. The NASIC report says it can only carry single warheads, but some sources suggest that it may be able to carry 3 MIRV, but that can lead to a 2000 kilometre in the range.

Reported that the "Dongfeng" -41 seems to "Dongfeng" -31A mobility and "Dongfeng" -5B range and payload combined.

It is reported that the range of the next generation of China's next - generation submarine launched ballistic missile ("giant wave" -3) will be far away from the current "giant wave" -2 (7000+ km) and can also carry the MIRV, which may be based on the "Dongfeng" -41. If the "Dongfeng" -41 test has been successfully completed, then the next step may focus on the development of submarine models.

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