The US Army develops a small air defense missile weighing only 2 kilograms, and will become a cruise missile nemesis.

The US Army develops a small air defense missile weighing only 2 kilograms, and will become a cruise missile nemesis.

According to the official website of Lockheed Martin, recently, the US Army anti cruise missile project office (The U.S). Army Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office signed a $2 million 600 thousand contract with Loma to further improve the MHTK small direct impact interceptor, which will be part of the local air defense system in the future, which means that the small direct impact interceptor starts from the phase of the prototype. Into the stage of practical development. Such

MHTK missiles are mainly used to intercept shells, rockets, mortar shells, cruise missiles and UAVs in low altitude, so as to protect their own ground troops from these targets. The missile can be done with a direct impact to kill the warhead, which can be made very small. The length of the missile is 76 centimeters, a diameter of 7 centimeters, a total weight of 2.2 kilograms, and a range of 3 kilometers. The standard missile launcher consists of a group of 6 square launchers, each of which includes 4 smaller firing tubes. The original purpose was to raise the frontline forces. With the ability to deal with rockets and mortar shells, the missile guidance system uploads the data to the interceptor after the MHTK intercept system finds the incoming target, using the radiation radar to always irradiate the target, and after the interception plan is determined, and the missile is directly impacted on the vulnerable parts of the target.

Although the MHTK interceptor is small in size and light in weight, because of its advanced control algorithm and flexible aerodynamic design, the projectile has a strong maneuverability in the air, and it can impact the target directly and accurately by high overload maneuver. Once the data chain between the ground radar is disturbed, it can also switch to active guidance on the missile. It improves the reliability of the system. Because of the large number of commercial technologies such as medical imaging and mobile phones, the cost of production is only $16 thousand, which is lower than the Israeli Iron Dome system using the explosive warhead and may be lower than the precision guided projectile in the future. (authorship: acura)

With direct impact and no warhead, the missile can be made small.

Active missile head

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