A primary school in Okinawa was refuge 527 times for fear of being hit by the US plane for half a year.

A primary school in Okinawa was refuge 527 times for fear of being hit by the US plane for half a year.

Putian second primary school in Yi Ye Wan, Okinawa, Japan, was hit by public opinion again after hitting the playground in December last year by a US military aircraft dropped in the playground. After half a year, the situation in the primary school near the US military Putian airport seems to be increasing.

According to the Okinawa times of Japan in June 13th, after the accident, every time a US plane is near, the school will be able to play asylum broadcasts that require students in the playground to take refuge in a designated place. From February 13, 2018 to June 8th, the number of students refuge has reached 527 times, and some have taken refuge even more than 20 times a day.

Students in grade six of Putian second primary school complained that "the plane may fall down, so take refuge training" and "play outside, but take refuge." If an American plane flies all the time, it will not be able to play. "We hope that the base will disappear from Okinawa".

According to the report, the school plans to set up 4 refuge facilities according to the parents' requirements before September. But if the status quo of US military aircraft does not change, the conflict will persist.

In response, Japanese netizens expressed sympathy for the "poor children". Some netizens do not agree that children who have to go too far and have to take refuge are the biggest victims. The school should give priority to the time of study. There are also netizens saying that the second elementary schools in Putian are established after the base of the US Army. It should be condemned by the Okinawa county government that has not fully taken into account the risk factors in the planning of school construction. In addition, there are netizens who say they are totally unable to come out with their emotions, and accuse them of being responsible for the children who play the role of politics.

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