Indian army also seized suspected Pakistan spy pigeons intended to use X ray inspection

Indian army also seized suspected Pakistan spy pigeons intended to use X ray inspection

India border security forces captured a "spy pigeon" from Pakistan near the India border, the Daily Telegraph of the UK reported on June 12th. Security personnel will carry out a X - ray examination of the dove to ensure that it does not carry any hidden information or between them. Spy tool.

When it landed near a post near the city of Punjab, Amritsar, it was captured and transferred to the border security personnel in India.

Reported that in recent years, India and Pakistan, the two nuclear armed countries tense relations, mutual suspicion, the Indian side seized a lot of "bird spy". This unnamed dove is the latest.

Local police chief Param vill? Singer said security personnel will conduct a X light check to ensure that the dove does not carry any form of encoding information or spy tools.

The India Times said that it is not surprising that dove used to transmit coded messages between drug traffickers and militants near the India Pakistan border. In 2015, a suspected spy pigeon was caught carrying "printed message" after being identified. According to local reports, the "stamp message" is written in Pakistan's official language, Urdu, and is accompanied by a telephone number in Pakistan. Although the X light inspection did not find any abnormalities at that time, the relevant personnel still sent someone to take care of the dove.

In 2016, India media reported another information on another arrested "spy pigeon". The article on the dove leg was written by the addressee, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra. Modi. (internship compilation: Liu Lei review: Tan Liya)

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