Audi hit pedestrians and then hit the old scooter, causing two deaths and one injury.

Audi hit pedestrians and then hit the old scooter, causing two deaths and one injury.

Original title: this morning, when Audi bumped into pedestrians and crashed into an old age scooter, two died.

Site: Audi car buckle roadside

Beijing news broadcast news hotline 65159063 (WeChat public number "ask Beijing") received audience response.

A traffic accident happened on the southern road of 100 Bay in Chaoyang District this morning, resulting in two deaths and one death. Witnesses said an old age carrier and a Audi car collided, and some isolated guardrails were knocked down at the scene of the accident, prompting the pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

Eyewitness: the Audi car crashed and hit the car again

When the Beijing news and radio reporters arrived at the scene, the accident vehicle had been taken away, and the scene had been preliminarily processed. There were debris left after a vehicle crash.

Reporters interviewed the witnesses at the scene, the other side said that the time of the incident was around today (14) from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

At the time, a Audi that drove West, crashed into an old man who wanted to cross the road at the intersection of the south of the Bai Zi Bay and Shimen East Road. The old man died. After the crash, the Audi car ran out of control and crashed into the fence. Then the car crashed into the south side of the road to the east of an old generation, leading to the old generation. A young man and a grandson on the step were injured.

The driver of Audi was crawled out of the car after hitting the man. 120, the ambulance arrived at the scene and sent the injured grandchildren to the hospital, but the old man crossing the road had confirmed the death. The relevant departments are under investigation.

Traces of blood left in the middle of the road were covered by earth. A hat and a shoe were left on the scene.

Witnesses at the scene said the driver left the scene after the crash of Audi, but the news was not confirmed by the police. Reporters also contacted another witness on micro-blog, and the other side did not confirm it.

Netizen: traffic chaos in Bai Zi Wan, hope for improvement

Witnesses said: when can the government control this piece of Bai Zi Wan? This is retrograde. There are too many red lights, takeaway cars, express cars, private cars and buses. Bloody lessons!

It is understood that the accident occurred in the vicinity of the East Fourth Ring Road, south of the 100 Bay, in the second half of 2017 has just been remediation.

But netizens said that the effect of renovation was not ideal, and the situation of random parking and arbitrary violation was everywhere.

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