Taiwan agricultural development batch agricultural sector: no matching no resources export export

Taiwan agricultural development batch agricultural sector: no matching no resources export export

Original title: rural development and batch of agricultural departments: no supporting resources how to export the export of new network June 14, according to the Taiwan "joint newspaper" reported, the outside world questioned the Taiwan International Agricultural Development Company (Taiwan Agricultural Development) effectiveness, self aggrieved platform farmers will be directed to the Taiwan authorities agricultural sector, said the authorities only set up a farm. There is no matching and resources in the follow-up. "How can we fight this export export war?"

At the beginning of the year, Taiwan Nong FA worked with the Banana Research Institute of Taiwan to recruit new banana farmers. (Taiwan "joint" / Canna Institute provided)

The deputy head of the Agricultural Department of Taiwan authorities, Li Tuizhi, 13, said that the communication pipeline between the agricultural sector and the platform was smooth, and the measures were also full, if the existing related resources and measures were not enough, we could discuss how to improve it.

Zhang Haojun, a spokesman for Taiwan's agricultural development, said that, in order to promote export, the station is looking forward to stable standards, systematic quotations and standardized planting. Last year, 8 green farmers were recruited to grow 12 hectares of banana plantations in the southeast state. Now, there is no good equipment and the smooth export of bananas in the future is a question mark.

Zhang Haojun said, the Taiwan authorities set up a farm, that is, the rural hair can play a demonstration effect, lead the folk to walk forward, but the station must get orders to call the farmers to do it, but the authorities are constantly forcing the international order to take orders, but there is no overall matching, for example, the light is a collection yard, the authorities want to assist. The subsidies are all indefinite.

Zhang Haojun said that the establishment of the platform is not a strategy, the platform is only the implementation unit, but where the strategic resources in the end, can not be talked about export, the Taiwan authorities said to the outside "the establishment of a farm" end.

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