Wuhan University now signs "Chinese students are not allowed to enter"? Official notification

Wuhan University now signs

Original title: information about "the Chinese students are not allowed to enter" in our school's student apartment electric vehicle charging place.

Recently, a number of network platforms circulated in our institute's international student apartment electric vehicle charging equipment site logo, "Chinese students can not enter" and other statements, causing the majority of netizens to pay attention. Our hospital attaches great importance to it and promptly investigates and verifying it.

1. In the area of Maple Garden International Student apartment, there are more than 1400 international students. Because of the decentralization of international students, the school places four schools in the school, so more international students use electric vehicles as a walking tool. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 400 electric vehicles in the apartment area. In early 2016, a temporary electric vehicle charging facility was set up in the 3 building overhead parking lot in the apartment area in order to prevent the safety of the electric vehicle charging power. In January 2018, according to the requirement of the state that no charging facilities should be installed indoors, the charging facilities were reformed and removed by our hospital. The International Federation of students applied to our hospital many times. In March 2018, 3 temporary charging points were set up in the parking lot between Building No. 3, No. 4, building No. 5 and No. 6. The charging facilities and electricity charges of the above charging facilities are spent from the international student accommodation fees, and the targeted service international students are also used by non college students.

In two and May 2018, there was a lack of personnel management because of the charge point outside the building of No. 3 building outside the scope of the property responsibility of our hospital. Considering the existing 2 charging facilities are temporary emergency use, the load capacity is limited, and the apartment international student electric vehicle is large, the charging frequency is high, and there is a certain safety hazard. In order to further strengthen the safety management, our hospital has commissioned the property company to refine the safety management measures. In the same month, the property company posted a number of "parking lot cue" in the parking lot at the above parking lot. Fifth of them are "only for the use of international students, and other vehicles do not enter".

In three and June 10, 2018, a non - school student was prepared to enter the parking lot between Building No. 5 and building 6, and was blocked by a security guard of the property company, and a speech conflict with the security personnel caused the "Chinese students not to enter". After the incident, our hospital accused the property company of the critical education of the security personnel. The security personnel also realized that they were inflexible in their attitude to the students, and the mistakes in understanding and explaining the relevant regulations were not in place. In addition, there is no "Regulations on Chinese students not allowed to enter" in the management of international student apartments.

Four, the occurrence of this event also revealed the shortcomings of our hospital in safety management and daily service. Our hospital apologized for the misunderstandings resulting from it, and began to reform it. Next, our hospital will further strengthen standardized management and improve service quality.

Five, it is understood that, with the increasing number of electric cars in school students, in order to solve the hidden danger of non standard charging, the school has invested in the construction of electric vehicle public charging station by stages. In September 2017, the first phase of the school construction project had taken the lead in building two public charging stations in lakeshore dormitories and cinnamon gardens, which had been put into use in November last year. The two phase of the construction project has completed the planning and site selection, and will be built in this year. In this year, the maple garden area will build 3 charging stations, the address is 14 HUDs of Maple Garden and the management. Between the academy and the National Academy of education, the 5 and 6 international student apartments. The public charging station will unify standard construction and implement campus card charging. At that time, the whole school can share the use of electricity, the contradiction between the supply of electric vehicles parking charge will also gradually ease.

Thank you for your concern and concern for our work.

College of international education, Wuhan University

June 14, 2018

Source: WeChat international, School of international education, Wuhan University

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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