Marriage with father-in-law to avoid "no admission risk"? Fujian Longyan responds

Marriage with father-in-law to avoid

Original title: get married with father-in-law to avoid "unable to enter school risk"? Supplementary instructions issued by Longyan, Fujian

Zhong Yuhao, an surging journalist

Near the new semester, many parents in Xinluo District of Longyan, Fujian began to review the implementation plan of primary school enrollment in Xinluo District in early 2018. During this period, a topic of "getting married with a father-in-law so that children can get the first batch of public school admission" has triggered a new round of concern.

According to the implementation program of primary school enrolment in Xinluo in 2018, the first batch of local public primary schools enrolling the first batch of school-age children within the scope of enrolment and household registration as well as the target of policy care, the second batch of school-age children in the enrolment range of real estate, and the third batch of aged children in the enrollment range. Children.

In addition, the above work implementation plan specifically states that school-age children should not register with their ancestral estate.

How do you understand this point? The official didn't elaborate on it at that time.

In June 11th, a citizen asked on the 12345 convenience service platform website of Longyan City, "primary school in 2018, the real estate is the grandparent, the enrollment policy can not rely on the grandparents, now it is ready to divorce and marry the father-in-law. Excuse me, can I have the first batch of property certificate without my name after the marriage?"

Xinluo District Education Bureau replied on the same day: "you are more complicated than others, mainly because of their special relationship. From the account of your child and your father-in-law is a grandchild relationship, can not be archiving according to the real estate registration; from your marriage certificate and your father-in-law, your child and your father-in-law is a child relationship, can be archiving according to the first batch of registration. Therefore, your questions must be submitted to the Admissions Committee before they can be answered.

At present, the above dialogues have not been queried on the website. In June 13th, the staff of the 12345 Longyan civilian service platform website said that, on the 11 day, there had been a citizen's inquiry, and the Department had also replied, and now it has been transferred to the interior. The staff also said that some citizens may misunderstand the policy, and the latest explanation was released in June 12th.

The upsurge news noted that the latest explanation mentioned that "Xinluo District 2018 primary school enrollment implementation plan" stipulates: "children of the right age can not rely on the registration of ancestral property registration." After the publication of the document, combined with the opinions and suggestions from all sides, combined with the actual situation, we will explain and explain the registration of ancestral estate registration.

This note said that if one of the following cases, the first registration of the registration of the objects: 1, the residence in the area of the Aborigines; 2, the same family residence book, the ancestral house property certificate, "three generation" live together, and parents have no housing in the city; 3, property right from building housing property is the ancestor In the same residence booklet, several generations lived together in the same house, and their parents had no housing in the urban area.

The news also noted that in April this year, the Longyan municipal government website had published a question: why should "children of appropriate age not rely on the registration of ancestral property registration" into the school where the property is located?

The news said that children of the right age can not rely on their ancestral property registration for two reasons: one is that if the three generation accounts are outside the area (inside), and when there are many brothers and sisters, the children of the brothers and sisters can enjoy second (one) batch of matriculation treatment, and only one family of children can enjoy school. When a child has multiple brothers and sisters, the property of one of the brothers and sisters is shared and the property rights of one of the brothers and sisters may be less than fifty percent. The two is that the property should be more than fifty percent of the total area, and the area is more than 50 square meters in the enrolment document. It is contradictory to ask for a phase.

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