The United States is not affected by Turkey's purchase of S400. Next week it will deliver the first F35 to the soil.

The United States is not affected by Turkey's purchase of S400. Next week it will deliver the first F35 to the soil.

[observer network comprehensive report], according to the U. S. defense news website, June 14th, although the United States Congress has a voice of opposition, but Washington is in accordance with the plan to deliver the first F-35 aircraft in Turkey on the 21 day of this month.

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A spokesman for Lockheed Martin confirmed that he will hold the first exhibition ceremony next week at Fort Worth workshop in Dezhou, us.

The spokesman said in a written statement that the traditional F-35 projects would be ceremonies to formally recognize the first aircraft of each American and international customers, and the first ritual of the first F-35 aircraft in Turkey was scheduled to be held in June 21st.

"Then the plane will fly to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, where Turkey pilots will join in the training of F-35A fighters."

The US Senate is scheduled to vote on the annual defense policy bill this week, hoping to join the terms that prevent Turkey from buying F-35 fighters. But even if the Senate passes, the differences between the Senate and the Senate must be resolved. This process may take months.

The United States Congress objected to Turkey to purchase the F-35 aircraft, the main two points: first, Turkey continued to be held in custody of the Turkey abortion coup Bronson (Andrew Brunson), followed by Turkey's intention to purchase Russian system of S-400 air defense system.

But as far as it is, The Pentagon does not seem to be trying to stop Turkey from getting the first F-35, or to restrict it to use it at Luke air force base.

Turkey is planning to buy 100 F-35A. Most notably, Turkey aerospace industry is a manufacturer of F-35 components. It is also selected as the maintenance center of the F-35 area.

According to observer network previously reported, in December 2017, Turkey and Russia signed a loan agreement on the S-400 system. Ankara will purchase 2 battalion air defense missile systems and hand it over to the local people. The two sides also agreed on the development of technical cooperation in the production of S-400 in the soil.

The US and NATO representatives have repeatedly criticized Ankara for the deal. Mitchell, the US Assistant Secretary of state, has said that Ankara's purchase of S-400 may have a negative impact on the United States supplying F-35 to the soil.

El, President of Turkey, has said that Turkey has the right to establish an independent national defense force, and other countries have no right to interfere. It

Turkey's foreign minister, qawu Shi oru, said that if the United States has frozen F-35's supply because of the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense missile system because of Turkey, then Ankara may buy the Russian five generation of Soviet -57 as an alternative.

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