The university has to pick up huge fish to eat 30 thousand people in the school.

The university has to pick up huge fish to eat 30 thousand people in the school.

Original title: fish goblin? Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing has picked up a number of giant "green lake fish", to invite 30 thousand people in the whole school to have a meal.

Live news - news of the Chongqing times,

Early in the morning, the circle of friends was cleaned by a row of fish.

In the photo, these rows of fish that are neatly placed on the roadside are really too big.

Some people put their feet in the past to make a contrast

42 yards of shoes don't have 1/3 long fish.

A netizen exclaimed:

Is this the legendary fish goblin? Also some feelings, this is the Kun offspring?


Everyone exclaimed that the fish was too big, too big, beyond their own cognition and imagination.

In the photo, someone struggled to hold a fish.

The visual fish is about 0.7 meters long and 0.2 meters wide

In order to lift the fish, the muscle of the man's arm appeared in a picture.

This fish is not light, some workers can not hold the fish, simply drag it away. (think about whether the fresh fish will be dragged down and not tasty?)

Live news - the Chongqing Times reporter verified that the people in the photos were staff members of Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing.

Everything in the picture is true. This is today (14) morning, and the staff salvaged fish in the lake.

Because the lake should be rebuilt, the fish must be salvaged if the lake is to dry.

With too much fish, the workers lay on the roadside as a whole. In the past few years, no fish has been salvaged in the Cui Hu Lake. Therefore, for a long time, the weight and weight of the fish are crazy, so that is what you see.

Do not say the onlookers netizens, even the staff were startled, after the fun, took a photo of a friend circle.

Unexpectedly, I was shocked by friends in the circle.

So, what are the fish on the ground?

Selling money?

Isn't it free?

Don't eat it!

I'd like to eat it.

Live news - the Chongqing Times reporter learned from the relevant departments of the school that, in fact, it started in May 30th, and the relevant departments of the school have been testing the lake fish in June 11th. Then determine the amount of fish salvaged by the capital construction department (Engineering Company).

The point is!

The fish caught in the whole school was calculated by 30000 people, 4 fish two per person.

Then, according to the number of students in the campus, there are so many teachers and students to taste the fish in the lake: about 22000 people in the south bank campus, 4 two, about 4000 X4 and two =1600 Jin in the Nanhua Lake area, and about 4000 people of X4 two in the Jiangbei campus.

Due to concerns about the shortage of fish, schools also have countermeasures: if the quantity is not enough, the connection can provide the fish pond with testing proof. The purpose is to let every teacher and student eat the fish in the lake.

At present, the fish that has been salvaged has been sent to the school canteen.

The taste time is tentatively scheduled for 19-20 noon and evening in June. It

School teachers and student vouchers can be tasted.

Typing here is all kinds of fish: sauerkraut, spicy fish...

I don't know what kind of fish the chef in the mess hall will make.

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