The man tried to kill the wife after he refused to be angry and strangled his wife.

The man tried to kill the wife after he refused to be angry and strangled his wife.

Original title: a man who wants to be refused a rage and strangled his wife wants to do it later.

Modern Express News, after getting up, Su wants to ask his wife to spend money, waiting for the process of waiting with his wife, the result was rejected by the wife, and she was pinched with her nails. Sumou, who was pinched, choked her wife in a rage.

Su Mou is 37 years old this year. When he was acquainted with Xu in 2007, he married two sons and daughters. Two people have a shop, and their life is not bad. In 2015, two people were in a crisis of emotion and began to quarrel with some trivial things. Because sumou did not want to borrow money from relatives to buy a house, his wife Xu was even more cold shoulder to him, and began to sleep in separate beds. But the life of two couples is normal.

In November 2017, on the day of the case, more than 7 o'clock in the morning, Suou because of the lack of money, call to call the wife's door, after entering the room, Su asked his wife for money.

His wife, Xu, was still lying on the bed and saw him come in and let him wait for a while. Sumou saw his wife lying on the bed and got into her quilt and wanted to have a relationship with her.

Unexpectedly, sumou's request was strongly rejected by his wife. In this process, his wife killed Xu with his hands to grasp the chest of Su, and his nails were still tied to the meat of Su's neck.

Su Mou, who was badly hurt, was so angry that he knelt on the bed and grabbed his wife's neck and pressed hard with his hands. About two minutes or more, sumou saw that his wife no longer resisted and did not move. After a while, I saw that my wife had not responded, and I had a case of urinary incontinence. I realized that my wife might have been strangled or strangled.

Suou was first intended to send his wife to the hospital, but she took her from the two floor to the first floor and held her on the car and found his wife's face with blood. Sue thought that his wife might not be able to work. So sumou returned to his home and took a quilt cover on his wife. He planned to drive back to his hometown thousands of miles away from his wife. He wanted to give his wife an account.

At that time, Sue's mother sent her grandson home to school. Seeing his son parked at the door, his wife lay motionless in the car and had blood on her face. At this time, Sue told her mother that the child looked good and drove away. After realizing that it was not right, Sumu's mother called a number of relatives and asked them to persuade Suu to come back.

After receiving several phone calls from some relatives, sumou finally turned around and drove the car back to the local hospital and called the police for 110. Unfortunately, the wife died after the rescue.

Later, according to a number of relatives of sumou said, the wife of sumou is quite strong, and sumou is rather stuffy. Two people open shop, the economy is controlled by his wife Xu, money is also handled by her. In the past two years, two people have often quarreled and divorced. There was a divorce because of Sue's pocket money.

Recently, the Changzhou intermediate court heard the case. Procuratorial organs accusation that, at 7 a.m. on November 24, 2017, Su and his wife struggled and clutched on the two floor of the house because of their life trifles. In the meantime, his wife Xu's fingernail scratched Su's upper body and led to the pain. Su Mou used his hands to choke Xu's neck and choke until it is no longer struggling. After Suzhou sent Xu to the hospital, he was confirmed dead by the hospital. According to forensic medicine, Xu's neck was blunt external force, resulting in mechanical asphyxia.

In the first instance, sumou committed a crime of intentional homicide and sentenced him to fifteen years in prison and deprived of his political rights for five years. (the parties are all surnames and pseudonyms)

Source: Modern Express

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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