Capital airport night search: non Beijing dripping drivers in front of law enforcement officers also receive orders

Capital airport night search: non Beijing dripping drivers in front of law enforcement officers also receive orders

Original title: Capital Airport's largest night search, non Beijing dripping drivers, law enforcement officers are still waiting for orders.

Source: Beijing daily

Open the rental of the Beijing car, non - Chinese drivers to the capital airport to pull the work, was intercepted by law enforcement officers and received new orders, even the room for denial.

In the process of law enforcement, the "black car" driver received new orders on his cell phone, and he did not forget to tell the other person, "I have something to do with you."

Last night, the city traffic law enforcement team broke the law of the capital airport rental industry to launch a "Thunderstorm action", and a dozen force of law enforcement teams, "encirclement and suppression" of all kinds of illegal operations.

In the course of the operation, drivers who were not in Beijing were arrested in addition to driving taxis.

Non Beijing drivers rent a Beijing car

Last night, 22 hours, the capital airport terminal outside the car to the car, the hustle and bustle still. Around the 3 terminal buildings, more than ten law enforcement teams were put in place early, laying a big net. This year's largest enforcement action began.

At the departure floor of the T3 terminal, the captain of the law enforcement brigade in the capital airport, Liu Xiaokun, was completely absorbed in the search for the target. Every time he stopped and switched the door, he saw the action in his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes fell on a black Volkswagen car, the back seat woman got off to the airport and did not return to the airport. The driver was just going to leave, and he was stopped by Liu Xiaokun and his teammates.

Liu Xiaokun's eyesight is very accurate. This is indeed an unauthorized net car. "I used the car from the battalion, using the dripping express, and using micro payment." The female passenger opened the dripping client on the cell phone and took notes with the law enforcement officer. On the other side, two law enforcement officers got on the train to ask the driver.

The Henan driver, Xiao Guo, exposes the identity of the car driver, who confessed that he did not qualify for the bus driver, and the Beijing car was also rented, thousands of yuan a month. As for where the car was rented, Guo started to say it was a leasing company and later changed it to "rent it from a friend". "For half a year, the first time was caught." Xiao Guo regretted, "I know that the airport is too strict to come."

Liu Xiaokun told reporters, after inspection, not only the driver did not get a taxi driver's license, the vehicle did not have a network reservation taxi qualification certificate, the law enforcement departments to carry out the first registration and preservation of the car, and in accordance with the law to the driver with a fine of ten thousand to twenty thousand yuan.

Non registered drivers can also receive normal orders

At the scene of law enforcement, the transcript has not been completed yet. Beside the driveway, another violation network is about to be caught. Law enforcement personnel check found that the Beijing silver gray Peugeot also did not obtain a network reservation taxi qualification certificate, even worse, not only registered drivers do not have a taxi driver's license, driving the driver is not a platform registered driver.

"The registrant is someone else, his driving license." In the face of inquiries from law enforcement officers, the Inner Mongolia driver was a bit nervous and said that he was rented by him. He and the registered driver were divided into income, earning $three hundred for one hundred yuan, and the registered person himself was not a driver in Beijing.

Liu Xiaokun introduced that this is an illegal operation vehicle with double certificates, which is a pure black car. Arguably, the platform is obliged to verify the information of the registrant and the actual driver.

In the process of law enforcement, the "black car" driver on the mobile phone platform client received a new order, he did not forget to call the other party to tell the other party, "I met something, you cancel it."

Less than half an hour's work, there are two unregulated nets about the net, or the capital airport, which is known to be the most powerful and irregularities. The reporter learned from the city traffic law enforcement team airport brigade, the law enforcement departments continue to strengthen the inspection of illegal operating vehicles, by the end of May, only in the capital airport has seized more than one thousand illegal vehicles such as illegal vehicles and other vehicles, only more than 900 cases were checked last year.

Taxi drivers are temporarily withdrawn

Last night's operation, the illegal operation of illegal taxis and taxis taxis, such as cruising taxis, refusing to load, cutting prices and charging more, were also the focus of the attack.

Outside the T2 terminal, law enforcement officers seized a patrol taxi for others driving in normal inspection. The taxi driver's service supervision card shows that the driver is Mr. Chen of the taxi company, but the driver is not not only Mr. Chen himself, but not the driver of Beijing. The driver said he didn't know that he needed a permanent residence account in Beijing to open a taxi. "It's only two days for a friend to do something to decorate the house." When asked how to drive to Beijing, the man said frankly that he wanted to see navigation or rely on passengers for directions.

The law enforcement officials told reporters that the illegal behavior of taxi drivers not only has hidden dangers, but also because the driver has not received regular training to delay the passenger travel, so it has been the focus of the law enforcement department. The law enforcement department will suspend the car and talk about the rental enterprises, and punish the responsible persons after verification.

Strict inspection of the Airport Station before the Dragon Boat Festival

In last night's enforcement, no sign of a clone taxi was found. This is due to the same new technical means. At the end of last year, the taxi dispatching station in capital airport has installed "taxi real name verification admittance system" to prevent cloned taxis from entering the operation team, Bian Jingjun, deputy brigade commander of the capital airport law enforcement brigade. The vehicle will not be released from the rod. After the technology was applied, the number of clone taxis dropped by 90%. According to the introduction, the next step will be the promotion of the system at the railway station.

Reporters learned from the city traffic law enforcement corps, "thunder action" will continue for several days. The end of the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and the law enforcement department will strengthen the supervision, focus on the 56 key areas, such as airports, railway stations, tourist attractions, commercial blocks and other key areas to encrypt patrol and guard, strictly investigate and crack down and crack down all kinds of illegal activities in the transportation industry, so as to provide a good traffic and transportation environment order for the citizens.

According to statistics, since this year, the city traffic law enforcement team has produced more than 10000 law enforcement forces, organized the city's centralized regulation action 6 times, more than 50 regional centralized regulation, and investigated more than 2.5 illegal acts of taxi, including more than 1.2 black rental vehicles.

Reporter: Sun Hongyang's photo: Pan Zhi Wang

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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