Retired police driving by the co - Police "porcelain"? Claim to have a bump into question

Retired police driving by the co - Police

Original title: Hengyang is "touch porcelain" car owners are retired police officers, claiming to have hit the Police Association cited "wash the land" suspect.

After the Hunan Hengyang police officer and the traffic police "touch China" law enforcement video widely spread, the car owners recorded "really hit the small Chang" video again spread. Because of the identity of the retired police officers, there are third party live video, netizens refer to the owners of the police "touch porcelain" to carry out the "wash the land" suspect.

In the morning of June 14th, the responsible person in charge of the Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau replied to the upstream reporter (the national news hotline: [email protected]) that the investigation will be published as soon as possible.

13 in the morning at 11 hours 06 minutes, a Hengyang police officer in Hengyang No. 2 near the highway with a traffic police law enforcement, a white car did not meet him, but he fell to the ground. The scene was taken by the rear vehicle recorder. After the video was circulated, it was called "touch porcelain".

Then, the owner appeared in the office of the traffic police department, and also recorded a video. The owner's identity is a retired policeman from the Shigu branch of Hengyang Public Security Bureau.

He said in the video: "good people, I am the owner of the car, the owner of Xiang DE3326, I was doing business, there were a lot of people on the road, many cars, a lot of cars, accidentally touched our accident police team's small regular (sound), caused a lot of misunderstandings, now the network is a lot of mess, we do not misunderstand, this is a mistake." It is not the porcelain that the traffic police touch. Why should our traffic policemen touch the porcelain? How can it be possible? Is that right? Do not misunderstand these things again. Thank you. I also apologize to the police at the scene of the accident.

In this regard, a person in charge of the Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau said that they had seen the video recorded by the owners, but they would not be able to accept the unilateral statement, and the exhibition opened a full range of investigations.

"The Party committee and leaders attached great importance to it. The traffic police detachment launched an investigation at the beginning, and there was a preliminary result. In order to be prudent, the inspector Department of the Bureau has intervened without taking the initial result. Is there a "touch porcelain", the owner is not true, is under investigation, we will announce in a timely manner. The person in charge said.

Niu Tai, an upstream journalist

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