The first batch of shared wheelchairs settled in Beijing China Japan Hospital 20 yuan per day.

The first batch of shared wheelchairs settled in Beijing China Japan Hospital 20 yuan per day.

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiulan) June 14th, the new Beijing News reporter learned from the Chinese and Japanese hospitals that more than 20 "shared wheelchairs" have been in the hospital, and China and Japan hospital has also become one of the first hospitals to share wheelchairs in Beijing.

It is understood that patients want to rent the wheelchair just open sharing, mobile phone Bluetooth, sweep the two-dimensional code on the wheelchair pile into the shared with Alipay, wheelchair rental program, follow the steps to pay 198 yuan deposit, loan can be successful (Alipay sesame credit in more than 650 points, free deposit loan). Rental success within 2 hours without charge, 2 hours outside 3 yuan per hour, 20 yuan a day cap. The return process of shared wheelchairs is equally convenient. The lock on the wheelchair is pushed onto the lock slot, and the two voices are heard, indicating that it has been put back in place. Then open the Bluetooth mobile phone again, with Alipay to scan two-dimensional code, enter the Alipay small program click on the scan code after the scan button can be returned, can apply for a refund of the deposit return success.

At the same time, the related companies will also be equipped with professional maintenance personnel, regularly cleaning and disinfection of the shared wheelchair, maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure the safety of the patient's use.

At present, in addition to the emergency door, outpatient hall service desk, the International Department of outpatient service and other people gathering area, the hospital of China and Japan also set a drop point on the floor of the parking building to facilitate the use of the patients. In addition, considering that some patients, especially elderly patients, are not proficient in using mobile phones. It will retain part of the manual rental of the wheelchair, and patients can rent it by way of deposit or valid documents.

The Chinese and Japanese hospitals said that in the future, combined with the use of patients, the number and location of wheelchairs should be increased to provide convenience for more patients.

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