Jiao Yulu's 90 granddaughter transferred to the garrison in Hong Kong has been promoted to platoon leader (Chart).

Jiao Yulu's 90 granddaughter transferred to the garrison in Hong Kong has been promoted to platoon leader (Chart).

Original title: Jiao Yulu's "90s" granddaughter promotion platoon leader

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

In June 13th, the front page of the PLA newspaper disclosed that the focal point of the brigade of the brigade of the garrison in Hong Kong was "Red Reader". The Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that the focal force platoon leader was Jiao Yulu's youngest granddaughter.

After graduating from college in 2013, she chose to join the army and serve the country after 90 years of hard work. She would train the class leader in the next two years. Later, in the examination of College soldiers, she was the only female soldier in the group army who had passed the matriculation line, and successfully entered the military academy.

According to public reports, Jiao Li was born in 1992. She had not seen grandpa (Jiao Yulu died in 1964) and became her regret. But always with grandma Xu Junya's life, she often listened to Grandpa's story.

Jiao Li's father is Jiao Yulu's three son, Jiao Baogang. As the youngest son, Jiao Bao Steel has worked in the Public Security Department of Henan province for a long time. Because of his brave and capable handling of the case, he has been rewarded for many times.

In 2013, he died after 8 months of cerebral hemorrhage and coma due to overwork. In the same year, Jiao Li, a graduate of Guizhou University, joined the army and became a correspondent of the former 54 army.

At the beginning of the army, the company first organized the 3000 meter examination, and Jiao Li took nearly 20 minutes to run down.

After a whole month, she kept running two or 3000 meters every day, even if she had an old wound.

Memorizing telephone numbers is the basis of the communications Corps. For this reason, Jiao Li takes hundreds of phone calls on the palm paper and carries them on. Under sweat, she was the first to be on duty in the same year.

Once, in order to prepare for field training, more than ten professional equipment boxes were placed in front of the company. Who knows, suddenly the clouds are rolling, while men are all in the ammunition depot. "Everybody comes up, pick the precision element first!" The force rushed out of the battalion door and moved up the half meter high equipment box, and the women soldiers followed up. As a result, the equipment was intact, but they were drenched into a drowned rat. Jiao's arm was also marked with blood.

After joining the army for second years, Jiao Li became the squad leader and became the backbone of the business. In July 2016, she became the only female soldier in the 54 army group who had passed the matriculation line in the college student soldier examination. After leaving the old army, she went to Chongqing Communications College.

According to the military Daily's report, at the end of last year, Jiao Li was selected and stationed in the Hong Kong forces and became a brigade commander of the brigade. In a red reader activity in May, Jiao Li boarded the stage and told his grandfather's earnest teachings.

As we all know, officers and soldiers stationed in Hong Kong need to face the special environment of "one country, two systems" and the impact of multiple cultures. After drawing the spirit calcium from his grandfather, Jiao Li said, "the more complicated the environment is, the more we need to temper the party spirit", which shocked the officers and men.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) noted that, not only in military training, business learning, Jiao Li strive to be excellent, but she is also a caring young man.

In September 2015, the recruits found a lot of laundry liquid under the Jiao Li bed. After hearing it, I knew that the child of an old squad leader of the company had congenital heart disease and had a lot of debt. Jiao Li heard that the old monitor's family had sold 2 kinds of toiletries on the Internet, and they bought a lot of boxes at once.

There is no coincidence. In early 2016, when an old soldier's mother was seriously ill, and the family's oranges were unmarketable, Jiao immediately bought 2 boxes and launched relatives and friends to buy them. In less than a month, the old soldier sold nearly a thousand pounds of oranges and solved the urgent need.

According to the military newspaper, according to the military newspaper, after the admission, Jiao Li always kept such a habit: in his pocket, he had a face towel at any time in his pocket. Every time he passed by a team of military glasses and a propaganda column, she had to wipe it clean as long as he had a stain; before she went to bed every night, she had to turn the corridor and toilet round to ensure that the lights were extinguished and the water shut off. Drop...

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