Crying in Philippines cemetery, 2 months old boy found in the cemetery

Crying in Philippines cemetery, 2 months old boy found in the cemetery

Original title: Children's cries came from the cemetery. Residents found two months old boys in the cemetery.

The Daily Mail reported on June 13th that a baby boy, two months old, was found in a cemetery in Philippines.

It happened at quetion cemetery in Philippines, at about 9 a. m. on May 28th. The residents heard the crying of a baby in the cemetery on May 28th. The good residents went to the graveyard to see a suspected abandoned baby boy in the two tombs. The residents sent him to the hospital in time. Fortunately, the baby was not big. Hindering.

The local police involved in the investigation and soon found the child's grandmother, Gloria Perez, who identified her daughter Lara Millea J as the boy's mother, and the child was two months old. The police then arrested Lara.

Angel Castillo, a resident, said, "a neighbor found him after he heard the cries of his child." They ran home for help, and a group of people went to pick up the children.

Residents said that if the boy was left there at night, it could be worse. If no one hears his cry in the morning, he would have lost his life. "There are many stray dogs and rodents in the cemetery." If he is injured or ill, no one will help him there.

Police have arrested the boy's mother to sue her because she was suspected of abandoning her child. At present, the local government is taking care of the baby.

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