Making enemies into friends and Russian football hooligans: to be an English football bodyguard during the world cup

Making enemies into friends and Russian football hooligans: to be an English football bodyguard during the world cup

Original title: the enemy of the enemy! Russian football hooligan: to be an English fan bodyguard during the world cup

Overseas network June 14, Russia's world cup is coming to the opening game, the country's security level has also been raised to the highest level. The Russian football hooligan, known as the "Vasily killer", has promised to be a bodyguard for the three lions' fans during the world cup and even want to invite them to drink and eat barbecue.

Vasily, a Russian man nicknamed "Vasily killer", was involved in a violent conflict between Russian fans and England fans during the 2016 European Cup, according to the Daily Star newspaper. According to media reports at that time, 2 British men were still unconscious after the fight. After 2 years, Stepanov's attitude has changed greatly. When he was interviewed on the eve of the world cup, he insisted that the chaos would not appear again, and expressed his willingness to provide roast kebabs and beer for the fans during the competition.

The father of the 5 child told the British media: "the bad days are over. I don't want to fight with the England fans anymore. I want to buy a bottle of beer for them. I don't want to be a football hooligan who will let them run away everywhere. I will be their bodyguard. "

Stepanov then said: "our (Russia) football hooligan will be 'vacation' during the world cup, and there will not be a 'War' in Marseilles on Russian land. There will be only a big party. He also told the British media, "the Russian fans and your British fans like beer, we are ready to have a party with you, not to send you to the hospital."

During the 2016 European Cup, Russian and England fans broke out after a match in Marseille, France. British media reported that after the whistle blows of the end of the two teams, England fans on the stands were "chased" by Russian fans, and more than 10 were injured.

The home office of the UK announced on 13 days that a total of 1312 fans in the country had received a ban on the tour of Russia, of which 1254 had given up their application to Russia's passport documents. British police minister Hird said that this action can ensure that football hooligans "will not destroy the game and affect other real fans". Russian President Putin has also been told that Russian football hooligans will sign a commitment to ensure that they do not pick the other team's fans during the world cup. (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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