Chinese students were shot in the United States, but the suspect was sentenced to death. His father cried.

Chinese students were shot in the United States, but the suspect was sentenced to death. His father cried.

Original title: whites shot Chinese students but was reduced by sentence, the victim's father cried.

[observer net Roundup] the murder of Jiang Yue, a Chinese student in the United States, has been reported for more than two years, and the murderer has not been sentenced. In February of this year, the US prosecutors pleaded guilty to the "two degree murder" agreement with the murderer without knowing the families of the victims.

On the morning of 12 local time, Jiang Yue held a court hearing in the high court of Maricopa County, Arizona. After hearing the appeal, the judge refused Jiang Yue's family and attorney's request to cancel the plea agreement.

In this regard, Jiang Yue's family members said that they were totally unacceptable. The lawyer also thought that the reason for the refusal of the judge was not sufficient, and the family members would seek an appeal.

On the 12 day, the family of Yue, the consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles, and the representatives of the local overseas Chinese in the Asian state participated in the hearing of the court of the Yue court.

Judge Glanville (Warrin Grandville) said that after considering the demands of his family, he decided not to withdraw the "plea agreement" reached in February 23rd.

At 10 a.m., Jiang Yue's cousin, Xu Xiang, explained the situation in court. She pointed out that "the first thing we are talking about from two angles today is that we are deceived, and the second is that we are misled."

"The concept of deception is that we have been trying to contact the prosecutors, and they have told us that we will tell us all the new progress, but they don't do it. Second, after we know that the "plea agreement" has been signed, we have come to the United States to meet with them, and they tell us that the local jury may have racism and may not be sentenced to first-degree murder, and the discretion of the judge may be 25 years, which misleads us. At that time, we did not understand or even fear the judge. We have seen some cases of judges later, and think that judges are fair and should be placed before judges. "

Yue's father rebuked the murderer and cruelly

In January 16, 2016, Chinese student Yue Jiang stopped in front of the red light, was followed by the murderer Davies (Holly Davis), and Davies was shot and killed by Jiang Yue. Later, Davies admitted to the police that he had taken sedative and sedative drugs on the day of the accident. The local prosecutor at the time accused Davies of 14 charges, including first-degree murder, aggravated weapons with deadly weapons, and three felony charges with deadly weapons.

Xu Xiang expressed his father today in the court that the "plea agreement" was completely unacceptable, and he said he did not believe that the people in the United States would have unfair and cold blood decisions.

For the meaning of the judge, Xu Xiang said, "he expressed regret for our loss of Jiang Yue. He believes that prosecution is doing the right thing and making the right decisions in the process.

"The judge said that if this case was put in court, there were several problems. The first was that the cause of his death would be taken out again and again, including the death process, the cruelty to the family. Second, the case may have been appealed and appealed, because the defendant's lawyer is a legal aid, free of charge, and he thinks it is a waste of court resources, and in the end, it is likely to be a two level murder, probably 25 years, perhaps even lower. For this reason, it is possible to plead guilty for 10-25 years.

According to the The Associated Press, Jiang's father, Jiang Yong, angrily pointing at the murderer at the hearing, yelled in Chinese, "you are too cruel to kill my only daughter cruelly!"

After he finished his statement to the judge through the translation, he turned to the murderer again and shouted, "you devil, tell me why you want to kill my daughter?"

According to Xinhua, according to Xinhua, in June 8th before the hearing, the family of Yue and the attorney issued a statement in Losangeles to protest the injustice of the prosecution. The American judge appealed for the case to revoke the two level murder plea agreement between the prosecution and the accused, requiring a first level murder to prosecute the defendant.

From the video at that time, Jiang Yue's father once sobbed when he talked about the "plea agreement" and questioned whether the prosecution's behavior was related to the murderer's white Americans.

Family attorneys: if the court appeals lightly or considers appeals

Deng Hong, the Deputy lawyer of the relatives of the Yue, said 12 of the justification given by the judge, first said that "to prevent the families of the victims in the process of hearing, two injuries", "but, Jiang's family is ready, they are willing to face the pain, for the children to be fair."

In view of the judge's "consumption of court resources", that is, the overheads, Deng Xiansheng said, "although more than 9 of the criminal cases may have been agreed to confess, if the case goes to the jury procedure, the court does not eat, but the general murder case, should not be measured from the economic angle."

Deng Hong said that, in the face of the present situation, it would be the first to be prepared for the next trial in order to make a heavy decision; secondly, if a light sentence was taken, and whether an appeal was considered, and third, whether to consider contacting the Federal Department of justice in the United States to investigate the existence of racism or racial prejudice in the process of the case of the Mali Cooper County procuratorate. Behavior.

In June 15th, Jiang Yue's murder case will be tried in court.

The family did not know the "plea agreement"

In February 2018, the prosecution had already pleaded guilty to a two degree murder with the defendant, and did not inform the family members in the whole process. In April, the "overseas Chinese newspaper" issued the latest conviction of Jiang Yue's latest culprit. It was widely circulated and the family members saw it through the news.

Deng Hong believed that the prosecutor responsible for the case had serious dereliction of duty. He pointed out that the prosecutor did not make the best effort to inform the relatives of the victims, and did not allow their families to exercise their right to participate in the decision. In addition, the prosecutor should be fair and justice for the victims, but the prosecutor in the case was low in the face of racial tendencies.

According to the Xinhua News Agency 13 reported, earlier learned that the accused was dropped to the news of the murder of two levels of murder, many Chinese and Chinese were involved in protest activities. By the afternoon of 12, there were about 13000 petitioners to protest. The petition says, "we require you to face this injustice and strive to ensure that all people, regardless of their race, colour, faith or religion, have equal justice."

The official of the Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles told Xinhua news agency that the general consulate has been paying attention to the case and recently listened to the opinions of the family and provided necessary assistance to it.

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