A 14 year old boy in Chongqing has been arrested for killing a boy in the teacher's office.

A 14 year old boy in Chongqing has been arrested for killing a boy in the teacher's office.

Original title: Chongqing Banan integrated Tsinghua experimental high school homicide suspects were arrested

Today (14), Banan District procuratorate official WeChat public number "Banan procurator" issued a message, the hospital in accordance with the law on the Banan District of Qinghua Experimental Middle School, a suspect Chiang Mou (male, 14 years old) was arrested for alleged intentional injury.

After review, in June 1, 2018, the criminal suspect Chiang, in the 4 floor of the 4 floor of the Qinghua Middle School of Lijia Tuo Middle School of Lijia Tuo Peninsula, Banan District, Banan District, Chongqing, had a corner with the victim, Mou Mou (male, 14 years old). Subsequently, the criminal suspect returned to the classroom to take out a fruit knife and take a fire extinguisher back in the corridor. To the teacher's office. In the teacher's office, Chiang Kai Shek used a fire extinguisher to pound the head and neck of Mou, and then stabbed him with a fruit knife. The teacher immediately called 120 emergency phone and 110 alarm, the victim Mou Mou died after rescue. According to the appraisal opinion of the accreditation body, Chiang Mou, a criminal suspect, has full criminal responsibility when committing a crime. The criminal suspect Chiang Mou's behavior violates the 234Th provision of the criminal law of the People's Republic of China and is suspected of intentional injury.

At present, the case is under further review.

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