Vice Premier of Italy: waiting for Ma Long's apology can start again

Vice Premier of Italy: waiting for Ma Long's apology can start again

Overseas network, 14 June, recently, the question of who was to receive a refugee ship carrying 629 people was on the line between Italy and France. On the 13 day, the finance minister of Italy cancelled his trip to France. On the same day, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Italy also called the ambassador to France to raise the incident to diplomatic level. 14, local Vice Premier Dimallo said that he was still waiting for an apology from French President Ma long, and the relationship between the two sides would return to normal after the apology was made by Italy.

According to Reuters, Dimallo said he had made a sharp comment on Italy's immigration policy two days ago, and he still hopes that Ma can apologize for the statement. "We have been waiting for this apology. If we wait, we can start the new cooperation again. (Ma Kelong) there is still time to step back, apologize, and then we'll start again.

Mr Ma previously said that Rome's refusal to accept the refugee ship's "cynicism and irresponsibility" by closing the port caused Italy's dissatisfaction. Italy's finance minister canceled talks with the French side on 13 days, and Italy's interior minister, Salvini, asked Ma Kelong to apologize publicly for the refugee ship, and said that the Italians "do not need any one's lessons".

On the 13 day, Kong Te, the new Prime Minister of Italy, postponed the meeting with mark crane on the 15 day. Reported that a staff member of the prime minister's office in Italy said Ma long had telephoned Conte on 14, but the content of the call had not yet been announced.

On 10 days local time, a ship carrying 629 refugees was "shut out" in Italy and Malta and was forced to stay in the Mediterranean. More than 120 children and 7 pregnant women were on board. The incident also made the two countries deadlocked, and Italy's interior minister, Mateo Salvini, insisted that all rescue vessels should be stopped at their ports unless Malta accepted the refugee ship first. A spokesman for the Malta government replied that the Malta government was unable to receive refugees.

After eating Malta's "closed door", Sal Vigny pushed the problem to France and said, "I hope President Ma long will open their port." Salvini believes that these immigrant problems should not only be the burden of Italy, "either Europe will provide us with help, or we will choose other routes." This statement caused malcontent of Malon.

On the 12 day, the Spanish side declared that it would open the port and allow the refugees to dock. Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, said on the day that the ship would be allowed to dock in the port of Valencia. "We have a responsibility to avoid the 'humanitarian disaster' and provide a safe port for these people." (compiling / overseas network Li Fang)

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