Turkey has bought Russian S400 system and is interested in joint production of S500 with Russia.

Turkey has bought Russian S400 system and is interested in joint production of S500 with Russia.

[observer network comprehensive report] the Russian satellite news agency reported on June 14th that El, President of Turkey, said Turkey was interested in the joint production of the S-500 air defense missile system with Russia.

"In the purchase of S-400, Russia provided us with a very reasonable loan in the purchase of the S-400 air defense missile system," El said of the purchase of the Russian air defense missile system. In the second and third stages, we will cooperate in production. It may even produce S-500 air defense missile systems. "

In December 2017, Turkey and Russia signed a loan agreement on the purchase of the S-400 system. Ankara buys two sets of S-400 air defense missile systems and is operated by earthstaff. The two sides also agreed to carry out technical cooperation in the production of S-400 system in Turkey.

Us and NATO representatives have repeatedly criticized the deal in Ankara. U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Mitchell said the purchase of S-400 could have a negative impact on the US F-35 aircraft to Turkey, and some members put forward a bill to limit the deal.

Turkey's foreign minister, Qiwu Shi oru, has promised retaliatory measures, including cooperation with Russia in the field, if Ankara's procurement is frozen.

According to the observer network 14, although the United States Congress has a voice of opposition, but Washington is in accordance with the plan to deliver the first F-35 aircraft in Turkey on the 21 day of this month.

Turkey is planning to buy 100 F-35A. Most notably, Turkey aerospace industry is a manufacturer of F-35 components. It is also selected as the maintenance center of the F-35 area.

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