Print media: the US will sell Apache helicopters in India to deal with China's military deployment

Print media: the US will sell Apache helicopters in India to deal with China's military deployment

According to India media reported on June 13th, the 13 U.S. The Pentagon announced that the Trump administration has approved a $930 million $930 million AH-64E Apache attack helicopter for sale to India, which will strengthen the ability of India to defend itself and respond to regional threats.

The report says the U.S. defense cooperation agency of The Pentagon has informed Congress of the State Council's decision; the deal is expected to pass through Congress as long as Congress does not oppose it.

Foreign media report

The sale to India includes 6 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, including fire control radar, long bow Hellfire missiles, "poisonous spines" air to air missiles, night vision sensors and inertial navigation systems.

In a briefing to the US Congress, the The Pentagon pointed out that this will strengthen India's ability to defend itself and deal with regional threats.

The United States The Pentagon believes that the AH-64E attack helicopter will allow India to improve its defense capability to combat ground armor threats and to modernize the India army, and India will effortlessly integrate this helicopter and auxiliary equipment into India's armed forces.

The Pentagon stressed that the sale of Apache helicopters and other equipment to India and provide support, will not change the basic military balance of the region.

The report pointed out that in order to cope with the increasing military force and military deployment, India decided to buy 6 more Apache helicopters after purchasing 22 Apache helicopters in September 2015.

It is reported that since 2008, bilateral defense trade between India and the United States has increased from zero to US $15 billion, and the two sides are constantly strengthening national defense cooperation.

A India official said India expects to spend billions of dollars on military modernization in the future, and the United States is eager to seize these opportunities for the US industry. The arms sales will support us India security cooperation and increase employment opportunities in the US.

As the United States and India are to hold a dialogue between the 2+2 (foreign minister and the defense minister) in Washington in July, The Pentagon submitted a proposal to Congress to sell the Apache helicopter to India before the US - India 2+2 dialogue.

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