Two departments to carry out special rectification of Internet Literature: the starting point of Chinese net is punished.

Two departments to carry out special rectification of Internet Literature: the starting point of Chinese net is punished.

News publishing and anti pornography departments jointly carry out special rectification of Internet literature.

Making network literature healthier, more prosperous and orderly development

Source: China's anti yellow network

In the near future, the national press and Publication Administration and the National Office of "sweeping the Yellow River" jointly organized the special renovation of the 2018 network literature from May to August, focusing on the three major problems of the incorrectness and vulgar content of the network literature, the dissemination of pornographic and pornographic information, and the infringement of piracy. Active action, strict supervision and rapid progress have been made in various areas. At present, a number of administrative and criminal cases have been investigated and punished, and a number of illegal network literature websites have been punished. In addition, the offices of the national anti pornography and the national press and publication administration have also coordinated the relevant departments to close more than 400 websites of illegal and illegal literature inside and outside the country.

Special rectification action has three key tasks.

Xue Songyan, the deputy director of the National Office of "sweeping the Yellow River", said that network literature has a huge market of nearly 400 million of the user's scale, the youngsters are the largest readers of network literature, and the problems of content orientation, vulgarity, pornography and violence in the works of network literature seriously affect the health of young people. Long, all circles of society pay great attention to it. In order to further standardize the communication order of network literature and better meet the people's spiritual and cultural needs, the two sector decided to organize the special treatment action of network literature from May to August, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Party's Central Committee on the prosperity and development of network culture and the regulation of network space.

He stressed that the goal of this special rectification action is to investigate and deal with a number of network literature works with low content and harmful physical and mental health, and to close a number of network literature websites and mobile clients that have serious deviations in value oriented and not operational ability, and to find out a number of typical cases of violation of law and violation. At the same time, we should explore the long-term mechanism of supervision, strengthen the guidance management, advocate the taste, speak and speak of responsibility, resist vulgar, vulgar and kitsch, and urge network literature enterprises to establish a perfect system of content control, and create a good network environment for the healthy growth of young people.

Therefore, the special regulation action will focus on three aspects: one is to seriously deal with the incorrect dissemination of the network literature, two is to resolutely crack down on the dissemination of pornographic network literature, and three is to investigate and deal with piracy in accordance with the law. It has been reported that since last year, there have been many literary works on the network, such as red classics, discredited revolutionary heroes, and deconstructing the history of distortion. There are some vulgar, vulgar, kitsch content that violates the core values of socialism; a large number of deviations and vulgar literary works are disseminated on the Internet, and the public number of the WeChat is used. Micro-blog, post bar, forum and other channels to disseminating vulgar content or through vulgar content drainage and other acts. For the above-mentioned illegal and illegal activities, the press and publication, "sweeping the Yellow River" will be seriously dealt with in this special rectification action, and will be punished resolutely for the enterprises involved. In the field of pornographic and pornographic literature and in the field of network literature, piracy is also the focus of the rectification movement. The National Office of "fighting the Yellow River" will strictly check the relevant cases, punish the criminals and punish the enterprises that do not perform the main responsibility.

- special rectification has made progress, and a number of cases have been investigated.

Since the special rectification action was carried out, according to the report of the masses, the office of "Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu" has been separately deployed in China, such as "17K novel network", "Jinjiang literature city", "flying library network", "flying Lu novel network", "red sleeve fragrance", "Chinese net", "starting Chinese net" To investigate the situation of pornographic and vulgar literary works. At present, the administrative law enforcement team of Beijing cultural market has imposed administrative penalties on "17K novel network", "Jinjiang literature city" "flying library network" "flying Lu novel network", "red sleeves add fragrance" to "Chinese net" and "Chinese net", and Shanghai and Jiangsu have issued the administrative punishments to the "starting Chinese network" "web by wave novel network" respectively. At the same time, all over the country strengthened supervision over literary websites in the area, and investigated a number of administrative and criminal cases. Zhejiang has investigated and dealt with a number of illegal literature websites such as "crystal book city" and "reading on the right". In Jiangsu, the WeChat public number "Nantong makeup community" was investigated and investigated for the spread of low popular novels.

At the same time, the office and the State Press and publication department have closed more than 400 domestic and foreign illegal literature websites. All localities have also intensified their efforts, shutting down a series of literary websites with incomplete procedures, incorrect guidance and unhealthy contents.

Special rectification to urge network literature enterprises to strengthen the main responsibility

Feng Hongsheng, the head of the Department of the State Press and publishing department, said that the management department will continue to increase the daily supervision of the network literature around the promotion of special regulation action, including: starting from the establishment and perfecting the network literature website editing responsibility system, focusing on the ideological management; from the assessment and assessment of the network literature society. We will start with efficiency and strive to improve the content and quality of Internet literature. We should focus on improving management methods and strive to improve the ability of initiative discovery and disposal. On the basis of strengthening the main responsibility of the network literature enterprises, he puts forward several demands that the network literature enterprises should consciously carry out self-examination and self correction, take the initiative to lower vulgar, vulgar and kitsch works, and eliminate the harmful content such as pornography and pornography using network literature. First, we should face up to the problems and do the "inspectors" with the courage to do bad tendencies; two to improve the quality and to be the "gatekeepers" of the content oriented; three to improve the management system, to make the "builders of the standard", and to work together to build a healthy, orderly and healthy industrial pattern and market environment.

Internet Literature enterprise 17K novel network has been punished for its vulgar content works. The website has been rapidly reformed. According to the requirements of special rectification actions, the contents of websites have been thoroughly checked, content auditing and safety management have been strengthened. Zhang Danian, the general manager of the website, said that it will be a mirror of the work of promoting the healthy development of network literature, developing network writers, recommending excellent network literature, and carrying out self-discipline in the industry.

In order to make the special rectification action more effective, the head of the "anti pornography" office appealed to all sectors of the community to participate. Netizens are welcome to find positive reports about the dissemination of vulgar, obscene pornography and infringement of pirated content. The national "anti pornography" office's telephone number is 12390, and the report website is "China's anti pornography network". To report and verify the real meritorious personnel, the national "anti pornography" office will implement the related reward policy.

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