Japan is not happy to issue new legislation affecting millions of people.

Japan is not happy to issue new legislation affecting millions of people.

Original title: Japan's promulgation of a new bill affecting millions of people is not happy.

On the 13 day, the Japanese civil law amendment passed the adjustment of the age of adults from 20 to 18 years. The age of marriage is set to be 18 for both men and women.

The new law will be formally implemented in April 1, 2022 and will affect millions of people throughout the country.

Since the birth of a modern country in 1876, the adult age has been set to be 20 years old. After 142 years, it has never been changed. But in fact, as early as 2009, the Japanese Ministry of justice proposed to reduce the age of adults.

Self-reliance as soon as possible

Globally, in 187 countries and regions with adult age statistics, the adult age of 18 years (including 16 and 17 years) is 141 in the country and region. The legal adult age of all EU Member States is less than 18 years old.

Of course, the world is also unique, such as Switzerland (20 years old), South Korea (19 years old), Singapore (21 years old), but a minority. From this perspective, Japan's age adjustment can be said to be a return to normality.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the aim of the Senate revision is to encourage young people to stand on their own feet as soon as possible, hoping that they will take a positive role in social responsibility under the social background of a high age and less child.

According to UPI analysis of the US News Agency, the implementation of the new Japanese law will also stimulate the birth rate.

You can choose marriage independently

The problem of Japan's minority population is grim. In 2017, the number of population dropped to 127 million, a new low.

In the future, the age of marriage between men and women and the age of adults should be 18 years old, which means that 18 or 19 year old nationals can marry and have children as they wish.

According to BBC, at present, men over the age of 18 and women over the age of 16 can get married but have to agree with their parents. Otherwise, you need to wait until 20 years old.

But the revised "Civil Code" advanced the age of women's marriage, meaning that all 18 year old women could marry without parental consent.

In addition, performing legal proceedings, independent loans, handling credit cards, applying for 10 - year passports, or even changing sex, all do not require the permission of the guardian.

However, the new law stipulates that people who are under 20 years of age are still prohibited from drinking and smoking because of national health considerations. Meanwhile, the public gambling industry such as horse racing has also maintained the prohibition under the age of 20.

Not to buy

However, the new law passed and several families were unhappy.

First of all, the new law has aroused deep concern in schools. According to the person in charge of the Education Department of Tokyo, according to the regulations, if a minor wants to drop out of school, he needs the permission of the guardian.

But in the future, high school students at the age of 18 are already adults, and they can apply for their own withdrawal. This may increase the difficulty of school education, and more high school students will not be able to graduate.

Secondly, the risk of consumption and lending can not be ignored.

According to the analysis of Japanese economic news, some senior high school students have not set up a rational consumption view. After the age of adults is down, most of the senior three students can apply for credit cards, on the one hand, increase the risk of consumer victimization, on the other hand, they can easily attack impulse spending.

According to the survey by the house of representatives of the Japanese House of Representatives, in the past 5 years, the number of 18 and 19 year olds in the field of consumer finance and bank lending was 177, in contrast, the number of cases from 20 to 22 years old was 2560.

The root cause of this gap lies in the fact that the latter has grown up and is limited at the legal level.

But how do the parties see it?

Today's Japanese middle school students will be the first group of targets to implement the new law in 4 years. They are not happy about their early adulthood.

Sano Moe, a student from Kobe Yu Jin middle school, told the Asahi Shimbun:

"When the university entrance exam and adult ceremony collide, it is too busy."

Sakai Mi, a student of Qingxin middle school in Hiroshima, said:

"High school students who know nothing about Japanese society as adults will encounter a lot of dangerous things."

There is another wave of Japanese teenagers expressing their dissatisfaction with new laws and regulations on twitter.

Net friend Sasaki: "since 18 years old, why not let drink, unhappy?"

Netizen Arrival: "18 years of age, but still like children can not drink and smoke, good trouble."

However, people always need to eat crab first to benefit the future generations. There are many voices for "call" for the new law.

"Other countries can announce their age at the age of 18, and we, of course, are able to do so.

"Japan's aging is becoming more and more serious, and the lack of labor has made it a good thing for children to contribute to society earlier."

Next, the other relevant laws are the most important.

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