The insurance industry "big hunts" hunting "Jun Bo" Wu Xiaohui has many contacts with them.

The insurance industry

Original title: 20 million of bribes Xiang Junbo also seek personal political interests

Today, Xiang Junbo, chairman of the former Central Committee and chairman of the CIRC, was in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The procuratorial organ charges that Xiang Junbo, directly or through the specific relations person Yang Guang, receives more than 1942 million yuan of the money and property given by the relevant units and individuals. It

According to reports, Yang Guang is Xiang Junbo's wife, the two married, divorced, and then remarried, they bribe, the largest reached more than 700 yuan. Yang Guang has been dealt with in a separate case. In addition, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has announced that Xiang Jun Bo violates the discipline of life and deals with power and color. It

Although the amount of bribes is huge, the Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noticed that Xiang Junbo was not just for money.

After Xiang Junbo was sacked, "anti hunting" became a popular keyword in anti-corruption work. In reflection, the CIRC stressed that it should always stick to clean and pure, not to be "huned" by the financial crocodile and the subject of the supervision, not to be dragged into the water by the illegal and violators, and not to do the inside and outside collusion.

Who are the people who hunt Xiang Junbo? There is no doubt that those businessmen and bosses who want him are mainly insurance companies. While Xiang Junbo was in charge of the CIRC, the entry threshold of the insurance industry was greatly reduced, and private capital began to enter the insurance industry in a big way.

According to the economic observer, Wu Xiaohui, the former chairman of the group, has a lot of contact with Xiang Junbo. "Wu Xiaohui belongs to the kind of Xiang Junbo's office." Wu Xiaohui also boasts that the CIRC "knows everything from Chairman to security guard". It

In addition, Zhang Jun, the real controller of life insurance, is also a friend of Xiang Junbo. Zhang Jun is reported to be one of Xiang Junbo's arrival in Shenzhen. In 2012, the CIRC singled out life insurance a special policy. After Zhang Jun got only one page of paper, he called it "priceless treasure".

Among the eighteen ministerial officials who have been sacked, 19 million 420 thousand of Xiang Junbo's bribes are not the highest, but they are still a huge sum. According to the explanation of "two high", the amount of corruption or bribes over three million yuan should be regarded as "huge amount".

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) found that Xiang Junbo sent out "priceless treasure", but only received less than 20 million, which has two reasons.

First, the great predators' hunting techniques are superb. According to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Xiang Jun Bo violates the spirit of the eight Central regulations and accepts banquets illegally. We know that the money spent on banquets is difficult to calculate in terms of bribes.

Second, Xiang Junbo has his own ulterior motives. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that Xiang Junbo had abused the power of examination and approval and supervision in order to gain personal political interests, and his political achievements were distorted. It can be seen that economic income is not the most important element.

On this day, the official website of the Central Committee of the CPC published a review of the high pressure of continuing corruption. It mentioned that the current situation of the fight against corruption is still serious and complex, especially the intertwined political and economic problems, regional corruption and the interlacing of field corruption, the interweaving of corruption and the corruption of the right to use, the "hunting" and the willpower. The interweave of "hunting" is still outstanding.

Political problems and economic problems are intertwined, "hunting" and being willing to be interweaved by "hunting". This is almost a portrait of Xiang Junbo.

The time span of Xiang Junbo's bribery was from 2005 to 2017. In the 12 years, he served as the vice president of the people's Bank of China, the Secretary of the Party committee of the Agricultural Bank of China, the president of the Committee of the Party committee of the Limited by Share Ltd, the chairman of the China Agricultural Bank, the Secretary of the CPC Committee and the chairman of the CPC Committee.

In July 2004, Xiang Junbo left the post of deputy chief auditor of audit office and came to the central bank's work. He began collecting money in second years. Before that, he was the auditor and created the first national audit anti-corruption drama "the people will not forget"; after that, he became a high official who was surrounded by the big crocodile, and forgot his original pen name, pure steel.

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