Russia dispatched 36 warships to participate in the battle to make the British media nervous.

Russia dispatched 36 warships to participate in the battle to make the British media nervous.

Overseas network June 14 (Xinhua) recently, Russia launched 36 warships and 20 aircraft to the Barents Sea to launch a military performance, British media stressed that the military exercises let the West into a tense atmosphere.

The Daily Express reported that Russia's frequent military exercises recently coincided with the tense relationship between Putin and the West. During the military exercise, 36 warships, 20 military aircraft and related weapons and equipment were sent to the Barents Sea, and rocket launchers and other devices were deployed. British media worry that Moscow's growing military strength will trigger tensions around.

Reports said that the military performance will end next week, including the "Lucius Tino J marshal" missile cruiser, "North Morse" large anti submarine ship, "vouchoff admiral" destroyer, nuclear power and firewood power submarines, "kangdobo" landing ship, and other 36 warships are in the military performance.

Russia's Northern Fleet revealed that during the military exercise, there will be 19 live ammunition exercises, and artillery, rocket launchers and torpedo weapons will be used. According to relevant sources, the Russian side will also test new marine weapons.

In this regard, Norway military spokesman Gao do Dahl said that Norway has not yet been informed of the military performance related to the situation, also said, "over time, the Russian Northern Fleet is becoming more and more powerful, they have the right to live in their territory, international waters and airspace."

He added that Russia's military activities in areas close to Norway will of course be under surveillance, so that we can grasp the situation around us. (compiling / overseas network Li Meng)

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