Chinese tourists were beaten by clubs in Thailand for a word.

Chinese tourists were beaten by clubs in Thailand for a word.

Overseas network, June 14, according to Thailand media, Wednesday (June 13th) local time, two Chinese tourists were beaten by sticks and wine bottles at a wharf at the Phuket Island in Thailand, causing head and ear injuries. Two Thais and one Burmese involved themselves.

According to the news of the national newspaper in Thailand, a video called "Chinese tourists were attacked at the Similan Islands dock" was widely spread recently, and the police chief of the Puji government, Teeraphol Tipjaroen, ordered the investigation to be conducted, and the police came to the hospital of Chinese tourists to investigate and obtain evidence.

Reported that 38 year old Lu Xing Chinese tourists head injuries, legs hit by wooden sticks. Lin, a 45 year old tourist, was hit by a bottle. His ears were seriously injured and his leg was scratched.

Phuket Island tourist police officers said the two Chinese tourists arrived in Krabi International Airport in Thailand on June 10th, and were on the 13 day of the draping island and left from a quay in ciseli the same morning. They put their luggage on the seat in the yacht, and the tourists took them out of their seats two times, while Chinese tourists took the downlink, and said to the protesters, "you don't need to shout." Unexpectedly, this sentence became the fuse for the two sides to quarrel. In the afternoon, when the speedboat returned to the Similan Islands port, the quarrel continued.

Two Chinese tourists were assaulted by 3 people at the pier. From the video, we can see that the assaulter used stones, bottles and clubs as lethal weapons.

Sompong Tiparpakun, the chief of the police of Puji City, said that three participants surrendered to themselves at 9 pm that night, of which two were from Chiang Mai, one was 24, one was 27, and the other held Burma nationality, 26 years old. The Burma traveler believes that Chinese tourists leave their luggage in their seats without taking into account the feelings of other tourists, claiming that the Chinese tourists first moved their hands with sticks, and then two of his Thailand friends began to help him. However, the specific events are still under investigation.

Local police said that at present, Chinese tourists have identified two of them, while the other has not been identified. The two identified persons have been accused by the police of assault and bail, and each person must pay bail of 20 thousand baht. The case will be transferred to the court of Puji Prefecture. (overseas network Yang Jia)

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