When the woman went home for plastic surgery, her son did not know her husband and wanted to divorce.

When the woman went home for plastic surgery, her son did not know her husband and wanted to divorce.

Original title: the woman collapsed after plastic surgery. The husband wants a divorce, and his son doesn't know her

1818 golden eye WeChat public information, in May 28th, Ms. Shao in Yuhang, Hangzhou, a beauty hospital made a nose plastic surgery. She said, now that her husband wants to divorce her, the children do not know her.

Plastic surgery has brought a lot of trouble.

Ms. Shao: "my husband wants to divorce me, saying that my whole people are not like people, ghosts are not ghosts, my mother-in-law also scolds me, my son does not know me." Ms. Shao is 32 years old, and her tears can't stop. Now, she says, all these things are plastic.

Ms. Shao: "through a little sister, she often chat with me, often send a circle of friends, said she is plastic, let me come, come here, to plastic, say I, my nose a bit before, there is a little bit of collapse, it is not very ugly, she said you are so beautiful, you do a nose will make a look It's more beautiful. " In Yuhang, Hangzhou, there is a Ai Fei medical beauty hospital, Ms. Shao said, she has a sister working here, recommending her to do plastic surgery, in May 28th, she handed over 36180 dollars, made a comprehensive rhinoplasty.

Ms. Shao: "make a nasal synthesis, take the rib cartilage from here, take it from here, and then pad it here, not satisfied with the nostrils, the size of the nostrils is different, then the nose is crooked, and then often headache and eye pain, before you do it, I can accompany the child, or go around for half a month." Only then can I take a bath. I haven't had a bath in half a month. I can't bend over and I can't move. It's very painful here.

Ms. Shao took out the pictures before the operation. In contrast, now the nose is indeed a lot more stereoscopic than before, but some of them are skewed, and the nostrils are small on the other side. She said she could not accept the nose and her life was completely disrupted.

"Ivy" mentioned the recovery period

Hangzhou Yuhang AI Fei medical beauty hospital summer Manager: "because the operation has a certain period of recovery, she surgery I know, done only a little more than ten days, in fact, the nose operation, any operation, I give everyone, a lot of beauty people do a science, surgery has a certain recovery period, the general nose surgery restorer In the next three to six months, it was not as fast as it imagined. (for example, after six months, the tilted nose is not inclined? Not oblique, because it is still in the swelling period, her two sides of the involvement or scar proliferation, will affect the judgment, and after she recovered, we make a judgment.

The summer manager of AI Fei's Plastic Surgery said that Ms. Shao had finished her plastic surgery for less than 20 days and was in recovery stage. But Ms. Shao said she could not wait for such a long time.

Ms. Shao is hoping for a refund and compensation

Both sides will go to other hospitals for consultation

Ms. Shao: "now I mean to say, give me more than 30000 dollars of money I have made before I pay me for the loss and mistake. My fare is lost to me, and I go to other hospitals and fix my nose."

Xia Fei, a medical beauty hospital in Yuhang, Hangzhou, said: "there is no question of repair yet." Yes, more than ten days. Knock and touch the bruises. They all need to be returned in a month. (if her nose does not come back, it will not recover). We suggest that we can seek third party appraisal on the basis of fairness and justice. (third party identification nose good or not, have this project?) This way, or by judicial means. "

The summer manager of AI Fei's Plastic Surgery said that Ms. Shao's situation is still not available for refund and repair. Finally, the two sides negotiated, by Ms. Shao selected a hospital, AI Fei plastic staff, accompanied Ms. Shao went to other hospitals for consultation and consultation.

Source: 1818 golden eye WeChat

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