Male accounting misappropriated 9 million 300 thousand dozen female anchor lawyers: can not be forced to refund

Male accounting misappropriated 9 million 300 thousand dozen female anchor lawyers: can not be forced to refund

Original title: a monthly salary of 3000 male accountants, throwing 9 million 300 thousand dozen female anchor, insider: von thmo is really rewarded, lawyer: can not be forced to refund.

A few days ago, CCTV reported that 3000 yuan per month of male accounting King misappropriated 9 million 300 thousand public funds to reward the female anchors.

In June 13th, Beijing authorities learned from authoritative sources that there was indeed von Ti Mo in the female anchor. The lawyer thought that the anchor could not be forced to refund the money.

In May 15th, the people's Court of Jingkou District of Zhenjiang opened a case of King embezzlement of public funds.

Wang, who was involved in the network, misappropriated 9 million 300 thousand yuan for the female anchors, and was finally sentenced to 7 years for the crime of occupation, and was ordered to return all the money.

At the end of 2015, in Zhenjiang, a Real Estate Company as the accounting Wang because of boredom, contact with the network platform, and then found his own heart of beauty anchor, and the first time to the account account 500 yuan to be used to reward.

In order to get the attention of the female anchor, Wang began to "throw money" into the studio directly. This "smash" is more than 10 months, and the cumulative total amount is more than 9 million 300 thousand yuan.

In the meantime, Wang sent out 500 yuan worth of "rocket" gifts, one time to reward 200, individual female anchor was the most reward of over 1 million 600 thousand yuan.

The police told reporters that Wang had received more than 1 million 600 thousand anchors, and the reward for the anchors Feng, Yu and Jiao was as high as $1 million 600 thousand, 1 million 300 thousand and $1 million 400 thousand respectively.

In June 13th, Beijing authorities learned from authoritative sources that Wang Feng Ti Mo was the anchor of Wang's reward.

There is another reason for Wang to "throw money" on the female anchor.

"Everyone feels that I am rich in the two generation on the Internet, and that makes me feel very proud." Wang said that with the constant "money throwing", he and some female anchors quickly developed into a relationship between men and women. In order to fit the identity of the "two generation generation", his appointment place is often placed in the presidential suite of the five star hotel.

In 2017, Wang learned that the company had to carry out the information of the audit of the accounts. He knew that the crime could not be concealed again. He was sent to the hospital to commit suicide after he went to Shanghai and the hostess, and was sent to the hospital. After discharge, Wang Mou voluntarily surrendered himself and confessed his misappropriation of funds.

So the question is, will the anchor need to return the money that Wang has rewarded them?

After consulting with a lawyer in Beijing time, it was learned that under the protection of bona fide purchasers to maintain market trading order, the anchor could not be forced to refund the money.

Zheng Hongtao, Beijing Ying Zhou law office:

Because this person (Wang) is a full civil capacity person, his behavior of playing anchor is not prohibited by law. The host is not clear about his source of money. As a anchor, there is no obligation to distinguish whether the source of each reward is legal.

A net friend said that.

@ true * * *: I am not only a fan of Feng Ti Mo, but why do I keep pulling others away? He also rewarded other hosts. In other words, direct seeding still needs to be asked all the time.

Congratulations to her, congratulations to TV.

@ Xue Xue * bird: yesterday, I said "X"! It was sealed.

@ big ***r: so, the reward in the studio is not necessarily local tyrant, but it may also be a suspect.

Although the host can't tell the source of every bounty, it is true, but the situation has developed so far, it is clear that the party is rewarded with the appropriation of the public funds, is not the stolen money to be discussed? Who will popularize the legal knowledge for me.

If you want to embezzled a huge amount of public money in the future, if you want to be the host in advance, you can get the money and find a new way.

@ Guo Guo ***I: Oh, is it possible to launder money by playing the anchor?

@ I said: is money laundering without brains? How much is the live platform? How to wash all! Where has anyone so money laundered???

@ M*** nine: I don't understand. What are people thinking now? Why are men embezzling public funds instead of scolding anchors? Is my mind lagging behind?

Hostess and live platform

Should I return the reward?

What do you think?

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