Embarrassment on the first day of the World Cup: more than 1 tickets for fake balls, 100 million dollars involved.

Embarrassment on the first day of the World Cup: more than 1 tickets for fake balls, 100 million dollars involved.

Original title: embarrassment on the first day of the World Cup: more than 1 tickets for fake balls, involving up to $100 million.

In June 14th, the Chinese Embassy in Russia suddenly sent out a message in the number of the WeChat public. It was said that a number of Chinese travel agencies and fans reflected on the Embassy that a Russia Company ordered the 2018 World Cup ticket, but had not received the tickets so far. Why the embassy would suddenly send out this message? According to thecover.cn, the world cup suffered the largest false ticket case in history, involving more than 1 million false tickets, of which 3500 were inflow into China and the amount involved up to $100 million, and the Russian government has intervened.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Russia, the Russia Company for the sale of fake tickets is Moscow Ann Zhi, which claims to have the right to sell tickets and shows a letter signed by the Russian Organizing Committee of the world cup. Verified by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the organizing committee, this letter is forged. After seeing this announcement, the cover news (thecover.cn) reporter immediately contacted the Sichuan provincial China Youth Travel Agency Russian line leader Yang Jun. According to Yang Jun, as early as 1 weeks ago, the tourist circle had already appeared the information about the matter. "According to my understanding, a company has found a Chinese tourist company under the guise of business cooperation." According to Yang Jun, the head of the company claimed to be a retired player in the Russian security club, with an inextricable link with the FIFA, and prepared a forged FIFA authorization. "We had been found at the time, but we did not understand him. We were at risk. At the same time, we were also ourselves." Having their own Russian tourist routes, they finally refused to cooperate with them. According to Yang Jun, according to the news inside the tour circle, in this false ticket event, there are more than 1 million tickets in the world, and up to 3500 more than one in the Chinese market. "About 1000 in Chengdu have been sold out, I know."

According to the person in charge of another travel company in Chengdu, tickets for the Chinese market are almost always from a tourist company in Beijing. "We bought more than 40 tickets for them, but no tickets have been issued." The official said he knew that the head of the Beijing tourism company had already arrived in Russia to resolve the matter. "But as far as I know, it is not easy to solve. The response from the Russian side is that they do not recognize any tickets purchased by any official channel."

In addition to Chengdu, Chongqing is also the victim of this incident. Recently, three travel agencies in Chongqing submitted a statement to the City Tourism Commission. In the note, "in June 11, 2018, we suddenly got the notice of two ticket suppliers: the official of the central government of the Russian football association, who was in charge of the ticket, escaped and couldn't get the ticket." The number of tickets involved in the case is about 10 thousand, the number of tickets involved in China is 3500, the amount is nearly one billion dollars. The Russian government has been carrying out the arrest. Our partner, ANJI MSK, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Russian foreign ministry are coordinating this matter. The Russian government is also in the matter and will be dealt with, and we are in the right place. Wait for further processing. "

Subsequently, the three travel agencies said in the statement that they were unable to prove the authenticity of the situation that could not be issued and that they could not obtain official information, so they chose to report the matter to the competent authorities. According to the instructions, the total sales volume of the three companies is as high as 2859160 yuan.

In order to understand the truth, the thecover.cn reporter went to the Chinese Embassy in Russia for information confirmation, but failed to enter the embassy and did not get information. As of press release, there is no update on the matter.

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