SEC today or clear digital encryption monetary policy

SEC today or clear digital encryption monetary policy

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late June 14th news, SEC (William Hinman), the executive of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who is responsible for the digital encryption monetary policy, will be attending an industry summit later today to answer some of the policy puzzles in the digital encryption money market.

Is ICO (the first generation of tokens) securities? Are digital encryption currencies such as eBay and Rubo money constitute securities? At present, SEC's interpretation of these problems is relatively vague and confusing. But later today, Hayman may be trying to clear the two biggest obstacles to the digital encrypted currency market: is ICO securities, and need to register with SEC? Are digital encryption currencies such as Ethernet and Rubo money a security?

Obviously, these problems are affecting the development of digital encryption currency and block chain technology. "No one knows what the specific policy is," JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade, an American securities firm, said. Let people know what is allowed and what is prohibited, which is conducive to market development.

SEC President Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) previously said that the definition of traditional securities was also applicable to digital encrypt money assets and ICO, and SEC would not change the definition because of new technology. (Li Ming)

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