US state department monitors social media censorship on Trump's loyalty

US state department monitors social media censorship on Trump's loyalty

Original title: US state department monitors social media censorship's loyalty to Trump

Overseas network June 14, according to U. S. media reports, more than 10 incumbent and former United States officials all said the United States State Department had come to a new senior adviser two months ago. The task was to quietly review American professional diplomats, and the "loyalty" of American employees in the United States to the United States general Trump and its policies. "."

In April, American assistant secretary of state Kevin Mori (Kevin Moley) appointed Marie Starr (Mari Stull) to become a senior adviser to the United States Department of State Affairs Bureau, according to the US foreign policy website in June 13th. It was reported that Starr was not known in Washington's foreign circle. She was a lobbyist in the catering industry, worked for the food processing industry association of the United States or a wine tasting owner (wine blogger).

According to reports, officials said that in the US State Department, Starr's job was to review the social media of the US State Department staff and examine signs of "Ideological Deviation". She will investigate government officials in the United States to determine whether they have signed the Obama policy, although the signature does not mean that these officials personally support these policies. She will also investigate American staff in WHO, UN and other international organizations and ask colleagues when and when they are employed.

One of the senior diplomats said Starr was actively "listing the list" and collecting Internet information. "She is aiming at Americans in the United Nations to monitor whether they obey orders." Because of her discomfort with her work, at least three deputy assistant secretary of state is ready to leave or transfer. Officials of the agency also reminded United Nations staff to avoid traditional interviews with top management staff, so as not to draw attention to themselves.

The report says Starr's job seems to be supported by his boss, assistant secretary of state Moli, and is not yet clear about whether her actions are spontaneous or supported by the United States Secretary of state Pompeio and the chief policy makers of the White House.

It was reported that the spokesman for the State Department did not respond to the phenomenon, saying only Mori and Starr were "committed to President Trump's vision of strong leadership in the United States on the world stage, and the mission of the United States International Organization Bureau was to deal with the United Nations and other international organizations." The national interest of the United States. " He added, "Secretary Pompeio has shown his full support for the State Council and the CIA staff, and any form of political retaliation will not be tolerated, and we will take these accusations seriously."

It was reported that the State Department was in a mess, as new secretary of state Pompeio tried to reinvigorate morale after the morale of the State Department's former Secretary of state Tillerson, while a number of senior officials from the United States Office of international organization had again highlighted the Trump administration's repeated departure from the traditional United States. Diplomatic policy has made American career diplomats in trouble.

According to the Capitol Hill, the Democratic members of the United States sent a letter in March this year to accuse the White House and senior officials of the State Department, working with conservative activists to "clean" the "unfaithful" Trump or the Obama policy. (compilation / overseas network translation of Jiang Shu)

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