South Korea held general level talks to disarm the demilitarized zone.

South Korea held general level talks to disarm the demilitarized zone.

Original title: news! The Han Dynasty decided to fully repair the military communications line

Overseas network June 14 (Xinhua), according to Yonhap reported, South Korea on 14 days to fully repair the East and West military communications lines of the coast reached agreement, and the joint police area of the panmuniac joint police area as a pilot area to remove the armed non military zone exchange of views.

The two Koreas held a general military meeting on the same side of the DPRK side of the DPRK side on the same day. After the meeting, the joint news release said that the two sides discussed the plans to alleviate the military tension clearly stipulated by the panmunk declaration. The issues included stopping all hostilities to avoid military conflicts and building peaceful waters along the Western sea. It provides military support for exchanges, cooperation and contacts between Korea and North Korea.

In order to establish military mutual trust, the Korean government decided to first restore the smooth operation of the military communications line. The east coast communication line has been cut off since 2011. The west coast line can not send and receive fax, only telephone. The smooth resumption of military communication lines will facilitate discussions between the two armies to safeguard exchanges and cooperation among the people. The general conference also agreed to strictly implement the agreement reached at the general level talks in June 2004 to prevent conflicts in the western waters.

The 10 hours of talks failed to reach agreement on the establishment of a high-level military hotline or the reopening of the defense mechanism, and a joint press release was also taken over 5 hours, and the negotiation process was not smooth. The chief representative of the DPRK's representative, Anne Shan, will even feel sorry at the concluding meeting and hope that he will never hold talks in this way again. However, the chief representative of the Korean side will say at a press conference after the talks that the two sides held consultations on the relief of military tension, the prevention of the fire of the gun, the disarmament of the non military zone and the construction of peaceful waters in the friendly atmosphere.

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