Early warning of yellow geological disasters in Ganzi, Sichuan

Early warning of yellow geological disasters in Ganzi, Sichuan

Original title: Yellow geological disaster warning issued in Ganzi, Sichuan

Cover news news (reporter Luo Tianyi) June 14th, the cover news reporter from Sichuan Province geological disaster emergency command department understand, June 14th from 20 to June 15th 20, Sichuan province Ganzi part of Ganzi region geological hazard meteorological risk is higher, early warning grade is yellow early-warning 3.

The specific areas are Kangding, Danba, Yajiang, Xinlong, Daofu, Baiyu, Litang and dege counties of Ganzi.

The provincial geological disaster emergency command office needs to pay close attention to the rainfall forecast and the rainfall situation, to check the operation of the group to prevent the network operation, and to do a good job of monitoring and early warning of the hidden geological hazards. We should strengthen the inspection of dangerous areas such as the front and rear slopes, the backrest, the cliff and the ditch, and find out the danger and take preventive measures in time to evacuate the threatened personnel.

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